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September 2016

Paras Global Hospital, Darbhanga, Conducts Special Health Camp to Encourage People Towards Preventive Health Check Ups in Madhubani

Madhubani, Sept 27, 2016: Vijay Yadav, 48 (name changed), a general store keeper, suddenly collapsed in his shop one afternoon! When rushed to the hospital, he was diagnosed to have suffered a stroke due to high blood pressure. Till this day, Vijay was not even aware that he had hypertension because he never considered the need to undergo a blood pressure check.

Unfortunately Vijay is not an isolated case. Lack of awareness and prevalence of preventive health check-ups means that thousands of people in India, especially in smaller towns like Madhubani, are blissfully unaware of their health conditions until a serious episode takes place. 

Regular health checkups can prevent occurrence of many diseases and also help in early diagnosis and speedy recovery. For example, early diagnosis of hypertension and appropriate medical intervention can prevent occurrence of stroke and heart attacks. However, the culture of preventive health screenings in almost absent in India!

Taking this gap into account, Paras Global Hospital, Darbhanga, today organized a free health check up camp in Madhubani in association with Mr.Binay Kumar Karn (Mukhiya, Sisouni) and renowned Cardiologist Dr Jyoti Prakash Karn.

The camp held at Panchayat Sarkar Bhawan offered free of cost screenings including Blood Pressure, Random Blood Sugar, ECG along with Consultation with a specialist. Specialists in Cardiology, Orthopedics and Internal Medicine were present at the camp and offered consultation and advice to patients.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Jyoti Prakash Karn, Cardiologist, Paras Global Hospital, Darbhanga, said, “Sometimes routine health check-ups can reveal the existence of major diseases and health conditions that can be treated with timely intervention. The need for regular monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar is very important after one turns 35 years of age. In India, however, people not only neglect regular health checkups but also ignore small health niggles to avoid visiting a doctor. While lack of awareness about its importance is the main reason, the cost attached to the screenings and diagnoses also discourages many people. I am hopeful that this initiative by the hospital will help raising awareness about the issue”.

The team of experts at the venue also educated people about the importance of regular health screenings and offered valuable advice on risk factors and preventive measures such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Tricog – A smart ECG solution

Tricog was built by an experienced team of doctors working closely with technology experts, with the single focus of addressing the heart attack epidemic in India. Through early detection and a quick response, Tricog enables better outcomes for heart attack patients.
Speaking at the occasion, Mr. KR Ramesh Kumar said “In India we’re seeing an 
increasing number of heart attacks and fatalities as a consequence. We need to not only build awareness about heart attacks and its symptoms, but also rethink the way our healthcare systems respond to heart attacks. The government and private organizations should work together to ensure that heart attacks are not only diagnosed early but also treated on time.”


Explaining the technology, Dr. Charit Bhograj, founder of Tricog Health said, “When a heart attack is diagnosed, Tricog facilitates care coordination between the remote location and a tertiary centre that would treat the patient so that even before the patient reaches the hospital, an expert team is ready to ensure the heart attack is treated without delay. We saw proof of Tricog’s effectiveness in a camp we held recently where we conducted 10,000 ECG tests in 300 centres across both urban and rural Karnataka. Over the last year, With Tricog ECG devices, we were able to serve over 

110,000 patients and detect 7,500 heart attacks and help coordinate their care.”


Tricog Health Services Pvt Ltd, a medical start-up based in Bengaluru,  launched of their cloud-based ECG services. Tricog, a smart ECG solution, was unveiled by Shri. KR Ramesh Kumar, Hon’ble Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka.

Heart attacks have a narrow window for treatment. Getting definitive care quickly is key not just to survival but quality of life afterwards as well. This is where Tricog promises to make a difference. The start-up’s offering empowers doctors to diagnose and respond to a heart attack in under five minutes. With Tricog, doctors can quickly access an accurate ECG interpretation and co-ordinate care of the patient with a tertiary care centre in case of emergencies. 

For more information visit

Allergic to Hair Dyes? Hairline International introduces simple allergy Test


Bangalore, September 26, 2016:For those worried about whether they are allergic to hair dyes that they plan to use, or are already using, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic now has the perfect solution – an allergy testing service that will pre-determine if you are prone to an allergy to retail hair dyes available in the market and their contents.

Speaking on the introduction of this allergy test, Dr. Premalatha, Dermatosurgeon, Hairline International says, “Most people who use hair dye complain of hair loss, though most are not aware that this could be caused by their dyes. Chronic allergies occur in the form of hair loss or pigmentation of the forehead or along the crown. An acute allergy is when a patient notices excessive itching on the scalp, and pimple-like lesions on the scalp and forehead and around the areas of application. In some cases it can be life-threatening where it can affect the eye lids, causing them to swell, or cause suffocation (Angio Edema)”.

Speaking on the test at Hairline, Ms Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International says, “These days, while people are more conscious of the way they look, they also want to ensure that they don’t suffer any untoward complications from the multitude of products in the market. An allergy test of this nature ensures that one stays safe when using a product with potential allergens”.

The test kit administered by Hairline comprises of pre-loaded syringes that contain the most common of antigens known to cause allergies. Familiar suspects such as ammonia and PPT among others, constitute the antigens included, though the list is a comprehensive one.

The syringe is emptied onto a film – usually silver foil of a small size, less than a centimeter. This is placed on the back of the individual, along with a control, like petroleum jelly and then patched on. The patient then comes for a reading after 48 hours, when this patch is removed and the back is checked for redness or any other symptoms. Based on this professionals at Hairline International are able to determine the intensity of the allergy on scale of 1– 5.

This patch test may also be done for other cosmetics such as lipsticks, eye shadows, creams etc., as the kit is equipped to handle any of these tests. Depending on the suspected antigen, the test may be administered accordingly.

Additionally allergies go unnoticed as they may develop over period of 5-10 years of usage. There are also cases of delayed sensitization to dyes. Usually, the lower the cost of the dye, the more the chances of an allergy coming on. In such products chemicals are used to ensure that colour stays on the hair for a longer period of time.

Such patch testing is preferable and once the allergy is confirmed a patient will know which dyes to avoid and if vegetable dyes are the best solution.

For more details call: Ms.Veda on 080 91488 74972 , 91 97399 43112 or log on to

Kidzee Kickstarts Carnival Heritage 2016 Festival for the People of Bangalore


Bangalore, 26th September 2016: Kidzee’s Carnival Heritage 2016 was inaugurated by Mr.Tanveer Sait, Karnataka’s Primary and SecondaryEducation Minister, in the presence of M. D. Lakshminarayan, MLC of Karnataka & Dr. Veena Ashok, Kidzee’s Business Partner.

Kidzee, Asia’s largest chain of pre-schools and pioneers of Early Childhood Care and Education in India, organised Carnival Heritage 2016 festival for the people of Bangalore. Conducted at Kidzee’s Bellandur centre, this cultural gathering showcased artworks jointly created by kids and teachers. Artworks displayed at Carnival Heritage 2016 were creative renditions of historical monuments including Seven Wonders of the World and ancient India temples, among others. In addition, there were food, games and clothes stalls, arranged by parents making it a fun, recreational and learning activity. 


 Kidzee through its pedagogy, Interactive iLLUME, help children realize their exceptional capabilities in a methodical, synergetic, and self-paced manner. Carnival Heritage 2016 is one key initiative of the pre-school brand to acquaint kids with their creative skills with the assistance of teachers.


Sakra World Hospital Launches Spine Disabilty Support Group


Bengaluru, 24th September 2016: The month of September being marked by UN as the “Spinal Cord Injury Awarness Month”. On this occasion Sakra World Hospital launched “Sakra Spine Disability Support Group” in the city.  The one of its kind initiative  created with the core philosophy to create a holistic environment towards the care and rehabilitation of Spinal cord injured individuals.  The number of cases of spinal cord injury have increased over the years the majority of them include Young individual, farmers, labourers etc.  Motor vehicle accidents,  fall from heights remain main cause for this debilitating problem. It involves irrespective of   socio-economic status of the individuals  & has severe impact on financial, social and psychological aspect of the individual, family & on the nation as a whole.


In most patients with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), the situation worsenes due to the prejudice. 

If the injury is sustained at the neck region it can lead to dysfunction of all four extremities known as quadriplegia 

In certain cases, where the injury is sustained in the chest region which can lead to dysfunction of the person from the waist below known as paraplegia

Both of the conditions also results in loss of control over the bowel and bladder. 


of the society which shatters the self-confidence and hope of the individual.  The aim of the Spine Disability Group is to look past these problems and motivate individuals to make the best use of their situations. The recent Paralympic Event at Rio De Janeiro where the sportspersons from India won various medals is an ideal example of what a man can achieve if motivated.

The group aims to create an environment where empathy is showcased instead of sympathy.  It hopes to motivate individuals and their families alike to push forward and never the disability come in way of their abilities.


“As a surgeon we do our best to save life, relieve the pain and take pressure off the spinal cord as a first step which helps in reducing the risk of secondary injuries on the spinal cord.  Stabilisation of the spine when required helps in recovery of the spinal cord. But, I feel the support of the family which makes greatest contribution in bringing spinal cord injury patients back into the main stream. The goal of the  Sakra Spine Disability Support Group is to create a conducive atmosphere where  family,  we surgeons & rehabilitation specialist work as a cohesive group to make  patient to achieve his potential & help him to get back to the society at the earliest” said Dr. Satish Rudrappa, Director – Neurosciences, Sakra World Hospital

“Spinal Cord Injury is the most devastating injuries and with prolonged survival, rehabilitation of individual is of utmost importance. The major goal of rehabilitation is to prevent secondary complications, to maximise the physical functioning and to reintegrate the person into the society.  Sakra Spine Disability Support Group creates a platform for patients and caregivers to connect with the various resources and avail the best services.  It also helps the patients connect with people facing similar situations which can help boost the morale.”  Dr. Maheswarappa BM, Senior Consultant & HOD – Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Sakra World Hospital

With the Spine Disability Support Group Sakra Hospital aims to create a platform to connect the SCI individuals and their caregivers with other people with similar conditions.  It is intended to create a symbiotic community which includes NGOs, Spine surgeons, rehabilitation experts including vocational trainers, corporate employers etc.  It acts as an online community to share experiences and information to give quick expert opinion and connect  various services providers to the members of the group. 

The Sakra Spine Disability Support Group also aims to educate and encourage the masses on how to live a full life post spinal injury.  The group also hope to create an independent and motivated community of patients as well as care givers who can create a spinal injury awareness amongst the masses in the future. 



Event: Flea Market Weekend is Back at Phoenix Marketcity

Venue: Phoenix Market City, Whitefield

Dates: September 24th & 25th (Saturday & SundayTimings: 11AM – 9PM                                                                                                                  

Art & Music lovers and shoppers are in for a treat, as Flea Market is back and this time with the theme of ‘Colours’.


Flea market boasts of showcasing the best products from across the country, be it an exciting range of Jewellery, clothes & hair accessories, home & Art -decor, quirky gift items, kitchen accessories, leather products, paintings and lots more.Promising to create the ambiance of an Indian Village fair with oodles of freshness and color.


What’s more, after a day of shopping, treat yourself to delicious goodies and live music performances by city based bands.




Bengaluru, 23rd September 2016 – Bengaluru’s most preferred lighting and décor outlet, ‘Sunshine Boulevard’, launches its exclusive web store This contemporary and easy-to-navigate website is now open to people across the country. They can choose from a range of uniquely designed dazzlers, alongside bespoke customized options, and have it delivered at their doorstep.


The new site has a wide range of exciting products for the discerning customer. From offbeat furniture such as industrial bar stools, distressed benches and chest of drawers, to home décor accessories such as trays, t-lights, mirrors, photo frames, garden accessories and lots more; Sunshine Boulevard is now poised to spoil customers for choice, virtually and physically. All it takes is a click and you’ll have ‘Sunshine’ any time of the day, in any part of the country.

What’s more, all the products they source, have been made in India and curated from local craftsmen and artisans, but with a finish and quality comparable to international standards. Each product has been uniquely crafted using an array of materials such as fabric, thread, jute, Japanese paper, ceramic and various types of metal; thus making each item authentic and a must-have.

At the launch of the web store, Namita Agrawal, Founder of Sunshine Boulevard said, “With the online shopping industry flourishing, I think it is the perfect time for us to launch our web store. It offers a plethora of elegant lighting and décor products which will be constantly updated with newer and more innovative collections. Rest assured, every time you visit, there will always be something fresh for you to browse through and buy.”

Sunshine Boulevard has created distinctive interior designs not just for individual homes and villas, but also for model apartments created for renowned builders like Brigade, Puravankara, retail stores such as Biba, Raymond, Parx, Linen Club, Viveks, etc. It has also customized lighting solutions for various corporate offices including Microsoft, Amazon, Mindtree, E&Y, Future Group, Happy Creative Services, Sonata Software, Tata, to name a few.

Shop at and give your space a distinctive and chic facelift today.

Sunshine Boulevard store is located at #5, 8th Main Road, Koramangala, Bangalore – 560034 Ph – 080-41309583

CaratLane unveils its Signature Solitaire collection Unique stories of eternal love and togetherness crafted with a CaratLane insignia!


Setting a new standard for classic solitaire rings, CaratLane, India’s leading omni-channel jeweller has launched the CaratLane Signature Solitaires Collection.

“At CaratLane, our focus has always been on innovation to make jewellery in modern, wearable designs. The Signature Solitaire Collection brings masterpiece solitaire rings that translate our monogram insignia into signature shanks. Each piece is crafted painstakingly to bring to life many exceptional love stories and inspirations,” Keshab Sengupta, General Manager – Production, CaratLane, shared.

This premium solitaire collection includes masterworks such as the Taj Solitaire Ring, the Forever Us Ring and many more timeless designs. Each of these designs comes with a monogram insignia that is placed on the shank of each ring in the form of a detailed cushioned design, adding structure to its perfect balance and outstanding brilliance.


An ode to eternal love

A defining piece from the Collection, the Taj Solitaire ring reconstructs the majestic dome of the Taj Mahal in the form of an artistic piece of jewellery. With its round brilliant-cut centre stone and surrounded diamonds, the Taj Solitaire is crafted as an ode to the legendary monument of eternal love.

The stellar design expresses heartfelt emotions with the enthralling beauty of the Taj dome reinterpreted as a solitaire mount. And much like its namesake, the Taj Solitaire ring, echoes a story of endless love – one that stays beautiful forever.


Designed to be together

Two unique diamonds come together as one exquisite expression of love with the Forever Us Solitaire ring to represent love in an entirely new way. Two primary diamonds are designed in a gold setting and embellished with beautiful accent diamonds to create a look that echoes the sentiment of ‘us’.


Each piece of this distinct Collection is curated for its untold story of design and details and is ably narrated by the ace artisans into something beyond the usual, something to be cherished every day and treasured all along.

CaratLane Signature Solitaires –

Add grace & glamour to your festive wardrobe with ShopClues’ Saree Fest

New Delhi, 23 September 2016: This festive season, buying yourself an extravagant lehenga saree and gifting your cousin her choice of an ornate traditional ensemble will be a lot more fun as ShopClues India’s first and largest managed marketplace has announced a saree fest which will run until 30th October. Choose from a diverse assortment of sarees and fulfill all your sartorial requirements by availing incredible discounts of up to a whopping 70% across several brands.


The saree fest features signature pieces such as exquisite embroidered sarees, rustic Bhagalpuri sarees and glamourous half sarees, striking daily-wear sarees, party-wear sarees, celeb-inspired sarees and more. From college students to office-goers, newly-wed brides to on-fleek mommies, everyone can choose from their favourite styles, fabrics and trends to rock the festive look. Women, who lack the time to get that perfect blouse stitched, can also buy a designer blouse from ShopClues and complete their look with minimal hassles. Consumers can also shop by region and choose from a wide range of sarees – from Chanderis and Kanjivarams to Banarasis and Uppadas. Given the high demand of sarees during the festive season, ShopClues has added close to 100 new merchants to the platform for the buying ease of consumers and offering a wider selection, and a larger selling opportunity for merchants. Through this initiative, ShopClues has cemented its positioning as the one-stop Value destination for LifeStyle and Fashion.

Commenting on the saree fest, Nitin Kochhar, VP – Category, ShopClues, said, “During the festive season, most women prefer to wear a saree as the elegance and grace that the six-yards of glamour has to offer is simply unparalleled. It is one of the most beautiful garments in the world. We have curated an exclusive saree fest that offers a good mix of designer wear, daily-wear and party wear to ensure that there’s something for everyone. With this new fest, ShopClues further tapes up its leadership position as the ultimate destination for all needs and desires of Indian customers.”

So, log on to ShopClues, and purchase those vibrant and visually-appealing sarees that will surely make heads turn for all the right reasons and enhance the feeling of jubilation at this festive time!

To check out the exhaustive range, visit:

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