Tricog was built by an experienced team of doctors working closely with technology experts, with the single focus of addressing the heart attack epidemic in India. Through early detection and a quick response, Tricog enables better outcomes for heart attack patients.
Speaking at the occasion, Mr. KR Ramesh Kumar said “In India we’re seeing an 
increasing number of heart attacks and fatalities as a consequence. We need to not only build awareness about heart attacks and its symptoms, but also rethink the way our healthcare systems respond to heart attacks. The government and private organizations should work together to ensure that heart attacks are not only diagnosed early but also treated on time.”


Explaining the technology, Dr. Charit Bhograj, founder of Tricog Health said, “When a heart attack is diagnosed, Tricog facilitates care coordination between the remote location and a tertiary centre that would treat the patient so that even before the patient reaches the hospital, an expert team is ready to ensure the heart attack is treated without delay. We saw proof of Tricog’s effectiveness in a camp we held recently where we conducted 10,000 ECG tests in 300 centres across both urban and rural Karnataka. Over the last year, With Tricog ECG devices, we were able to serve over 

110,000 patients and detect 7,500 heart attacks and help coordinate their care.”


Tricog Health Services Pvt Ltd, a medical start-up based in Bengaluru,  launched of their cloud-based ECG services. Tricog, a smart ECG solution, was unveiled by Shri. KR Ramesh Kumar, Hon’ble Minister for Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Karnataka.

Heart attacks have a narrow window for treatment. Getting definitive care quickly is key not just to survival but quality of life afterwards as well. This is where Tricog promises to make a difference. The start-up’s offering empowers doctors to diagnose and respond to a heart attack in under five minutes. With Tricog, doctors can quickly access an accurate ECG interpretation and co-ordinate care of the patient with a tertiary care centre in case of emergencies. 

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