Madhubani, Sept 27, 2016: Vijay Yadav, 48 (name changed), a general store keeper, suddenly collapsed in his shop one afternoon! When rushed to the hospital, he was diagnosed to have suffered a stroke due to high blood pressure. Till this day, Vijay was not even aware that he had hypertension because he never considered the need to undergo a blood pressure check.

Unfortunately Vijay is not an isolated case. Lack of awareness and prevalence of preventive health check-ups means that thousands of people in India, especially in smaller towns like Madhubani, are blissfully unaware of their health conditions until a serious episode takes place. 

Regular health checkups can prevent occurrence of many diseases and also help in early diagnosis and speedy recovery. For example, early diagnosis of hypertension and appropriate medical intervention can prevent occurrence of stroke and heart attacks. However, the culture of preventive health screenings in almost absent in India!

Taking this gap into account, Paras Global Hospital, Darbhanga, today organized a free health check up camp in Madhubani in association with Mr.Binay Kumar Karn (Mukhiya, Sisouni) and renowned Cardiologist Dr Jyoti Prakash Karn.

The camp held at Panchayat Sarkar Bhawan offered free of cost screenings including Blood Pressure, Random Blood Sugar, ECG along with Consultation with a specialist. Specialists in Cardiology, Orthopedics and Internal Medicine were present at the camp and offered consultation and advice to patients.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Jyoti Prakash Karn, Cardiologist, Paras Global Hospital, Darbhanga, said, “Sometimes routine health check-ups can reveal the existence of major diseases and health conditions that can be treated with timely intervention. The need for regular monitoring of blood pressure and blood sugar is very important after one turns 35 years of age. In India, however, people not only neglect regular health checkups but also ignore small health niggles to avoid visiting a doctor. While lack of awareness about its importance is the main reason, the cost attached to the screenings and diagnoses also discourages many people. I am hopeful that this initiative by the hospital will help raising awareness about the issue”.

The team of experts at the venue also educated people about the importance of regular health screenings and offered valuable advice on risk factors and preventive measures such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.