Bengaluru, 24th September 2016: The month of September being marked by UN as the “Spinal Cord Injury Awarness Month”. On this occasion Sakra World Hospital launched “Sakra Spine Disability Support Group” in the city.  The one of its kind initiative  created with the core philosophy to create a holistic environment towards the care and rehabilitation of Spinal cord injured individuals.  The number of cases of spinal cord injury have increased over the years the majority of them include Young individual, farmers, labourers etc.  Motor vehicle accidents,  fall from heights remain main cause for this debilitating problem. It involves irrespective of   socio-economic status of the individuals  & has severe impact on financial, social and psychological aspect of the individual, family & on the nation as a whole.


In most patients with Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), the situation worsenes due to the prejudice. 

If the injury is sustained at the neck region it can lead to dysfunction of all four extremities known as quadriplegia 

In certain cases, where the injury is sustained in the chest region which can lead to dysfunction of the person from the waist below known as paraplegia

Both of the conditions also results in loss of control over the bowel and bladder. 


of the society which shatters the self-confidence and hope of the individual.  The aim of the Spine Disability Group is to look past these problems and motivate individuals to make the best use of their situations. The recent Paralympic Event at Rio De Janeiro where the sportspersons from India won various medals is an ideal example of what a man can achieve if motivated.

The group aims to create an environment where empathy is showcased instead of sympathy.  It hopes to motivate individuals and their families alike to push forward and never the disability come in way of their abilities.


“As a surgeon we do our best to save life, relieve the pain and take pressure off the spinal cord as a first step which helps in reducing the risk of secondary injuries on the spinal cord.  Stabilisation of the spine when required helps in recovery of the spinal cord. But, I feel the support of the family which makes greatest contribution in bringing spinal cord injury patients back into the main stream. The goal of the  Sakra Spine Disability Support Group is to create a conducive atmosphere where  family,  we surgeons & rehabilitation specialist work as a cohesive group to make  patient to achieve his potential & help him to get back to the society at the earliest” said Dr. Satish Rudrappa, Director – Neurosciences, Sakra World Hospital

“Spinal Cord Injury is the most devastating injuries and with prolonged survival, rehabilitation of individual is of utmost importance. The major goal of rehabilitation is to prevent secondary complications, to maximise the physical functioning and to reintegrate the person into the society.  Sakra Spine Disability Support Group creates a platform for patients and caregivers to connect with the various resources and avail the best services.  It also helps the patients connect with people facing similar situations which can help boost the morale.”  Dr. Maheswarappa BM, Senior Consultant & HOD – Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine, Sakra World Hospital

With the Spine Disability Support Group Sakra Hospital aims to create a platform to connect the SCI individuals and their caregivers with other people with similar conditions.  It is intended to create a symbiotic community which includes NGOs, Spine surgeons, rehabilitation experts including vocational trainers, corporate employers etc.  It acts as an online community to share experiences and information to give quick expert opinion and connect  various services providers to the members of the group. 

The Sakra Spine Disability Support Group also aims to educate and encourage the masses on how to live a full life post spinal injury.  The group also hope to create an independent and motivated community of patients as well as care givers who can create a spinal injury awareness amongst the masses in the future.