Bengaluru: 17th September 2016: The World’s First Smart Store launched today in Byappanahalli Metro station by three farmers Hon’ble Farmer Sadananda.H (National Award and Rastrapathi Award for intergrated farming), Hon’ble Farmer K Umesh ( National Award winner 2010-11 & 2014-15 for integrated farming)& Hon’ble Farmer Chennamma.C ( State Award winner for organic farming) with much fanfare and Dollu Kunita by local artists.


Walnut Stores is the World’s First technology enabled retail store or “Smart Store”, and is a one stop store for cereals, pulses, spices, flours, dry fruits and nuts. So, what does that mean for the consumer? Walnut Stores is a “Touch and Feel” physical store where all their products are displayed. All one has to do is to scan or tapthe product with the Walnut Stores’ app on one’s  phone, and it is automatically added to their Shopping Cart, and will be delivered home. Of course, there is also an online store where you can shop from the comfort of your home.


Walnut Stores products are sourced directly at the farm in most cases, and the produce is transported to their  processing factory where it is cleaned and packed before it is shifted to the storage facility. With a sizeable investment in developing the technology to help maintain quality standards within their factories and stores,Walnut Stores ensures that their customers get nothing but the very best of products.  The portfolio is also interactive and dynamic, so that if a product is not in the store presently, a customer can place aNew Product Request, and it will be added to the order depending on availability and also added to the store and the website subsequently.

Walnut Stores also features Cash on Delivery & call to place an order, Easy returns and all the other essentials of regular online stores.

Karthik Shetty, co founder of Walnut Stores says “We are trying to bring in revolution in retail. Today’s time everyone wants convince in everything that they do at their finger tips. Most of us have smart phone’s & are reliant on it to get us going . Staples is something that people are hesitant to buy online, this is where we want to bring in the confidence in our customers. Our store will give you the option of touch and feel the product first prior to placing an order. Walnut Store customer’s can also place and order by calling us on our toll free number.

Simply put if my grandmom can shop at our smart store we are sure that we are on the right path of shopping revolution in retail”

Preethi Desai, co founder says “Building stronger communities is the goal , our concept and model is aimed to make things simpler and fairer for everyone , may it be from sourcing or end consumption. Shopping patterns vary with each customer’s ,this when worked on how different can we be? How to use technology that’s not too very complicated either. Smart Phone was the best medium to work on . Time is money & everything is on the go!  few minutes gained in the day is a bonus and we feel more productive. Walnut Stores Smart Store offer’s touch & feel the product before you shop , online shopping & phone order’s with door step delivery. It’s simple, easy and yet very convenient ,suits everyone’s requirement.

Supporting local produce is the first step towards building  stronger communities and bring revolution in retail. Quality and service remains prime focus. Get shopping ,shop smart with Walnut Stores”

About the founders: Karthik Shetty:Ramanagar born and bought up, has been very enthusiastic & energetic since childhood. Always a helping hand in his family business running since 40 years. Trading is no stranger as business runs in the blood.

After schooling from Ramnagar moved to Bangalore for further studies , made this place his home since. Cricket enthusiast has won several awards in sports. Ventured into retailing and event management for the past 7 years. Sound product knowledge ,leadership qualities with flair for numbers & creative mind keep him coming up with new concepts and ideas. Explores every business opportunity that come by.

Preethi Desai:Bangalore being home town. Moved to NZ 15 years ago,lives in Auckland. Commerce graduate hails from business back ground family who run a chain of restaurants in Bangalore. Food has been her strength all through. New ideas , thinking outside the box comes naturally. Decision making, assessing risk profile & appetite are strenghts from  working in banking and finance sector with ANZ NZ & GE capital. New challenges,opportunities to grow keep her going everyday.

For further info contact: 1800 123 1947 Visit: www.walnutstores.com