The company celebrated National Nutrition Week to bring Nutrition Awareness by conducting ‘Healthy Walk’ rally BANGALORE, India – September 15th, 2016 British Biologicals, one of the India’s largest Neutraceutical companies, organized a nutrition awareness rally on September 7th, 2016 in Jayanagar, Bangalore. The rally organized on the last day of the National Nutrition Week with the theme ‘Lifecycle Approach for Better Nutrition’ – Nutrition for every age group. British biologicals workforce performed 4km stretch ‘Healthy Walk’ to bring nutrition awareness among general public.




British Biologicals celebrated the National Nutrition Week from September (1st –7th) to bring nutrition awareness among common people on maintaining good health and wellbeing. This year the theme ‘Lifecycle approach for better nutrition’ brings the thinking of nutrition from fetus to old age. This theme clearly conveys the importance of nutrition for every age group to lead healthy life.

Mr V S Reddy, MD at British Biologicals said, “We are one of the top Indian nutraceutical companies with significant global outreach. It is our responsibility to create healthy society and it is our aspiration to become synonymous with ‘’Nutrition’. We are very proud to instigate the rally with our team for this National Nutrition Week to create awareness, so that people can lead healthier and more productive lives.

” The first week of the September was special week for British Biologicals in-house members; hence started the initial awareness and learning from headquarter employees. The 7-day event held with 7 different nutrition concepts for in-house members, which brought awareness as well as amusement. The campaign educated the people by explaining them the importance of, the correlation between protein lifestyle, nutrition and productivity. Employees working for long hours, and outdoor nomads are recommended to follow the healthy diet for better productivity. Last day of the week was ended with the ‘Healthy Walk’ from British Biologicals office to Madhavan park, then to South-end circle and back to office.

 The company has organized the special event week as below: Day Date Concept Day 1: Thunder Thursday 1st September Contest – Crossword on Healthy Living Day 2: Foodie Friday 2nd September Fitness Session, Contest – Guess my Weight ? Day 3: Soothing Saturday 3rd September Surprise Snack Day 4: Sweet Sunday 4th September Secrets of Nutrition Label Day 5: Mad Monday 5th September Portion Control Day 6: Terrific Tuesday 6th September Contest – “Eat a Rainbow” Day 7: Wacky Wednesday 7th September Healthy Walk

British Biologicals is an emerging company with a significant global presence in more than 21 countries. The company offers wide range of Nutraceutical Science based nutritional supplements that are distinctive, reliable and 100% safe for human consumption. General public across the country recognize the company as D-Protein and B-Protein people, from past 20 years.