Bangalore, September 7, 2016: Global warming is a reality that we cannot deny. St Martha’s Hospital, in its drive to create awareness for a better tomorrow, lends its whole hearted support to the students of the Eco Club Samarakshan of Jain College, JC Road campus who have organized a rally on September 7th to create awareness on the need to stop global warming in its tracks. St Martha’s Hospital will be providing a medical staff to accompany the rally and also to address questions on the health aspects related to global warming.


The rally will be led by the convener of the club Smt. Usha PR as well as the Director of Jain PU Programs Dr. B T Venkatesh and the principal of the institution, Dr. Suma V Rao. The rally will have over 1000 students participating, along with teachers and non-teaching staff. Students will carry slogans on placards and will organize a street play as well as part of the awareness drive.



Speaking on the hospital’s participation in this rally, Sr.Teresa Mandakath, the President of St Martha’s Hospital says, “The results of global warming are here for all to see. Erratic weather changes leads to several ailments among people. A rally of this nature is needed on a regular basis to enhance awareness among people on what they are doing to the planet and what they must do to save it. It is wonderful to see youngsters come out in strong numbers for this and we must extend our whole hearted support”.