Bangalore, August 31, 2016: BGS Global Hospitals, a super specialty quaternary care and pioneer of transplants in Karnatakasuccessfully performed one the rarest Simultaneous Pancreas-kidney transplant surgery saving the life of a 22-year-old-boy from Pune.  The surgery was lead by Dr. Suresh Raghavaiah along with a team of experts.

The patient was detected with diabetes at the age of 5 and lost both his kidneys to the disease subsequently.  He was surviving with insulin injections thrice a day along with dialysis thrice a week. The dualtransplant changed the life of the patient making his organs functional again and putting him off insulin and dialysis completely.

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Speaking on the occasion, Dr. N. K. Venkataramana, Vice Chairman, BGS Global Hospitals said, “Our focus has always been on providing quality healthcare to our patients. We have made advancements in at our hospital from time to time to match the world class medical treatment, infrastructure and facilities. We are successfully leading the revolution of transplant in the country which makes us the largest multi-organ transplant surgery treatment provider in India.  We are the only hospital which has done simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant before and this is our second successful transplant in two yearsin Karnataka. Having pioneered in various procedures, we aim to bring a new meaning of life to many such patients across the country.”

Commenting on the case, Dr. Suresh Raghavaiah,Consultant, HPB and Multi-Organ Transplant Surgeon, BGS Global Hospitals,who trained at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, USA said, “Simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant is indeed a very complicated surgery and we are proud to have successfully performed it. While in the U.S. and Europe, 1000s of pancreatic transplants have been done, the expertise is still not available in India. It is technically a very demanding surgery and the complication rates are very high which could also be life threatening. This is probably the reason why most centres do not attempt the transplant. Less than 25 successful pancreatic transplants have been done in the past 7-8yrs in India.”

“I am thankful to the doctors and Global Hospitals who have given me a new life.  To live a diabetes free life was out of my imagination, but today I am totally off insulin and have got rid of dialysis due to successful pancreas and kidney transplant said the patient Mr. Shekar Milani. Mr Rajkumar Milani, the Patient’s father was also thrilled with the success of the surgery. “I hope there is awareness on this treatment and other patients suffering from the disease could be cured,” he said.

Simultaneous Pancreas-kidney transplant not only cures kidney failure but also cures the diabetes and makes the patient insulin free. All the associated complications of diabetes like nerve damage, eye damage and damage to blood vessels are also mitigated with a pancreatic transplant. The bonus is that the life of the transplanted kidney also gets prolonged because the sugar levels in the body gets normalised.