Bangalore, August 21, 2016 – A mega event “Sanskar Shivir” was held today at Mahaveer Dharamshala, V.V Puram under holy presence of Muni Shri Prasanna Sagarji Maharaj where more than 500 children took part. Muni Shri inspired children with several stories on moral values of life.


Addressing the children, Muni Shri Prasanna Sagarji Maharaj said “If you want to be good in your life, learn never to argue with your parents and learn to apologies your mistakes to your parents. He advised the children to respect the parents at any cost. Whatever work you do, do it in full honesty and dedication. Maintain the honor and quality in your work, not the quantity only. He also said try not to get angry as excess of anger diminishes your memory and power of brains. He advised children to be away from tobacco, cigarette, alcoholic liquors and other such addictive substances for their lifetime.


The moral values among the youth generation are decreasing. This is a very serious problem. Today is the world of technology. If we blame teenagers for the deterioration of values in them, then we also have to blame ourselves for the same, he added.

It was a rich day for all the participants who attended the camp today.