Bangalore, August 17th, 2016: Most of us are no strangers to dark circles or under-eye melanosis and have tried myriad ways to rid ourselves of it. Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic, with its pioneering work in creating solutions that are in demand, now offers a PRP procedure that is non-invasive and rids one of dark circles under the eye in just a few sessions. From young brides-to-be, to professionals, to those looking for a quick pick-me-up for their face, this is a procedure in vogue right now. The results are visible in just 2-3 weeks of the procedure. In fact, ever since Hairline International has begun offering this procedure as an option to get rid of dark circles, there has been an increase in awareness on it as well as the word-of-mouth.
Dark circles or under-eye pigmentation occurs for a range of reasons. For some it may be due to an anatomical defect– deeper eyeball sockets gives rise to circles. When one ages a lot of fat appears on the lower eyelid causing dark circles. It could also result from the constant use of eye cosmetics – leading to allergic contact dermatitis. Irregular sleep patterns, long work hours, excessive computer usage etc., can lead to dark circles. Lastly it can be medically related – a sudden increase in weight or nutritional deficiencies. The cause has to be evaluated and then it may be treated with plain PRP or PRP with fillers or micro needling.
With 8-weeks of clinical trials to back up their results, specialists at Hairline International draw approximately 30-60ml of blood which is then passed through a centrifuge to separate the platelets and the plasma. The plasma contains the platelets which is 5 times more than the normal ranges. This will be injected into the under-eye portion at various points as per need and the anatomical structure of a person.
Speaking on the procedure, Dr. Premlatha, Dermatosurgen at Hairline International says, “The procedure basically inhibits the enzymes that are involved in the production of the melanin. It provides the synthesis of collagen which pushes up the tissue, so that filling up will be there, improving the colour tone and shape of the eye. The procedure is ideally conducted on those between 20 years to 60 years of age. Any older than 60 years will require surgical intervention because of skin laxity”.
The procedure is ideally suited for those who prefer staying away from invasive procedures.

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