Social Leader Binis Thomas and Acharya Better Community Leaders helping students to step up the free vehicle at Old Air Port Road , TuburanaHalli In Bengaluru.

Bengaluru. Social Leader Binis Thomas and ACHARYA BETTER COMMUNITY Leaders  is making a concerted effort to woo school students through a new initiative free pick up and drop  by Study at Government school, the nodal body that promotes as good study destination in at Tubaranahalli Government School near Bus stand , Kundahalli Gate, Vartooru, Bengaluru.

Parents stopped to send their children to school in this bad situation.This solution made students to come more and more,  To attract more students from village and create greater awareness of the benefits of studying in school, Study at school has for the first time ever opened its for busy signal roads in Bengaluru, program to school students offering the winning candidate an all travel expenses paid by two leaders tour of searching for schools to evaluate the opportunities available to bright young poor and dropout students and  here.

Study at school sees greater potential for students from poor students to study in school particularly Tubaranahalli owing to its salubrious climate,
Current statistics show that city is high on the priority list of school students and that school students form the second highest students group in school.
While the overall number of school student enrolments originating from this  has continued to grow over the past two years, the sector mix is changing. There is a trend towards an increasing number of good education enrollments while this school has seen a slowdown indicating the growing image of city as a high value education destination.

Mr.Nagaraj, Mr. Govindappa, Teacher, and Mr.Naveen also spoken to media.