Of Knots and Ties

Aamras Gift Box - Pack of 4 Aamras

Boondi laddoos on one side of the tray,

Big, bright rakhis at the other,

A hide-and-seek of gifts and love

Between annoyed sister and annoying brother.

Aamras Gift Box - Pack of 4 Aamras (side)

Proudly counting the ribbons at our wrist,

But with no number to tally our memories,

A tight knot — of feelings in our chests

For the keepers of our summaries.

Mix Pack Gift Box - Pack of 6 (Chilli Guava, Anar, Aamras)

Here’s to a bond that’s for eternity

And promises to keep each other’s secrets (Ha! Sure!)

To hugging, fighting, and protecting each other,

Because P.S.: Maa loves me more.

Our sibling relationships were made up of little things. Sharing, fighting, laughter, song, study time, silly games. This Raksha Bandhan stow away those precious memories in special edition gift boxes.

Paper boat’s gift packs are available across modern trade stores, amazon.in and shopclues.com

  • Pack of six paper boat: 2 Anar, 2 Chilli Guava, 2 Aamras : Rs. 250
  • Pack of four paper boat in our timeless sandook designed pack: 4 Aamras: Rs. 150

All things precious are limited. So is our gift pack. Pick up the pack while stocks last. Happy Raksha Bhandhan!