Bangalore, 1st August, 2016: St Martha’s Hospital has always believed in making quality care available to all its patients. In order to do something that has a direct impact on society, St Martha’s Hospital conducted a three day camp that offered free registration and consultation, and discounted treatments for Hepatitis A and B, on World Hepatitis Day. Tests for Hepatitis A and B were offered at half price and as were the liver test and vaccination for Hepatitis B.These were offered from 28th July through 30th of July.


A team of doctors and medical personnel manned the outpatient room assigned for these services. They dealt with an average of 15 patients in a day. Speaking on services provided, Dr. Hemavathi, Family Medicine Consultant at St Martha’s who managed the camp said, “Most of the people who came to us are unaware of the dangers of Hepatitis, yet belong to the high risk groups. Besides consultation and vaccinations, we also took the initiative of informing them of what to be careful of. We also encouraged them to spread the word among their friends and family about the camp so that we could meet and help more people”.

Hanumanthappa, a daily wager and his family of four, were among those who availed of the test services offered. He says, “We know there are many diseases around, but we are unsure of what we must do to be careful. When we heard of this camp, we thought it would be best to visit and avail of the services”.

Speaking on the organization of the camp, Sr. Teresa Mandakath, the President of St Martha’s Hospital said, “Our aim has always been in keeping of the motto of the hospital –to keep the interests of the people ahead of everything else. Hepatitis is an ailment that cuts across ages and gender. Being aware and being safe is the most important. We felt that an initiative of this nature would help bring more people under the umbrella of safety that quality consultation and timely vaccinations can ensure”.

St Martha’s initiative took place from 28th to 30th July 2016 at the OPD in Room 113.