Bangalore, 21 July, 2016: Five Star Chicken is all set to tantalize your taste buds with its new range of Burgers – ‘Haryali Chicken Cheese Burst Burger’ and ‘Spicy Mix Veg Burger’.

Haryali Chicken Cheese Burst Burger

‘Haryali Chicken Cheese Burst Burger’ offers a new twist to those who are hungry for a taste of traditional and spicy flavours. Served between the soft cornmeal bun slices and smeared with cheese slice, onions, capsicum, spicy tomato sauce and dollops of silky cheese sauce. The chicken patty is flavored with green chilies and mint/coriander leaves, perfectly dishing out the authentic flavour. Priced at just Rs 70 (exclusive of taxes).

Spicy Mix Veg Burger

While ‘Spicy Mix Veg Burger’ is spiced up in special CP Foods’ secret marinade and flavourful Harissa sauce- a Tunisian hot chili pepper paste. The freshness of the soft cornmeal bun and the crispiness of fried spicy veggie patty along with smeared cheese slice, onions and capsicum, will surely leave consumers asking for more. Priced at just Rs. 52 (exclusive of taxes).