Bangalore, 18th July 2016: After the resounding  success of Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Ahalya’ and Jaydeep Sarkar’s ‘Nayantara’s necklace’, Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films is back again with a light hearted film by Adhiraj Bose titled Interior Café, starring the legend of parallel cinema, Naseeruddin Shah and distinguished theatre personality, Shernaz Patel.

Naseeruddin Shah at the launch of Royal Stag Barrel Select Large  Sort Films' Interior Cafe - Night

Themed on the objective of “keep perfecting”, the Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films is a platform for aspiring directors to feature along with mainstream Bollywood directors and chase their creative energy to establish themselves in the industry. The platform gives a stage to storytellers to showcase their artistic creativity and reach out to their target audience through the online world.

The new release by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films is directed by Adhiraj Bose. With short films like ‘Last Day’ and ‘Goonj’ to his credit, Adhiraj Bose has explored the nuances of human relationships in a 12 minute time frame where both the lives of the characters revolve around love, loss and reunion. Set in an old school café in Mumbai, the characters of Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel are shown conversing with each other, thereby signifying the lost love and longing which they have treasured amongst themselves. It is a perfectly told love tale which resonates with the idea of youthful love which had faded away and has come back to find itself again.

Commenting on the release, Raja Banerji, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Pernod Ricard India, said “Today the approach of filmmaking has transformed completely and being digitally connected has opened up various suitable outlets for  filmmakers to express themselves in their own style to the audiences they want to connect to. Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films has built its credibility by collaborating with top Bollywood directors regularly. It is also the most inspiring platform for aspiring directors to showcase their creativity. Resonating with the core philosophy of Royal Stag Barrel Select, the platform is meant to help them keep perfecting their skills and establish themselves in the market. We are very excited to associate ourselves with the relentless creative spirit of Adhiraj Bose’s new film – Interior Café”.

Talking about his film, director, Adhiraj Bose said, “The story of Interior Cafe is an amalgamation of human emotions and what we as humans deal with in some point in our life. As a story, I approached it in a very realistic way, as every short film you see nowadays concludes with a social cause but what excited me to do this project was the opposite. With the legendary Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel on board I was pretty convinced of the choices I made in this film. As a filmmaker it is very important to have an outlet to showcase your creativity and Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films has truly made this a great experience for me and helped me connect to the audience. I was also excited to work with my long time best friend Shweta Basu Prasad as an actor and producer and my cinematographer Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran who executed his brilliant camera skills in this film”.