Bangalore,2016: Collagen is an essential protein present in the skin. With time and age, its production decreases leading to fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. Micro-dermabrasion is a popular skin polishing technique that uses aluminum oxide crystals applied with vacuum pressure. This when applied to the face, helps remove all the dead skin.

Dr. Imtiaz

This procedure is then followed by the application of a collagen serum. Collagen is basically a protein, however not all proteins are easily absorbed by the skin. To enable this, the serum also contains certain moisturizers which help its absorption.

Soon after the micro-dermabrasion, a collagen serum is applied. Multiple sessions of micro dermabrasion has shown to enhance natural collagen production in the lower segments of the skin. This helps improve the overall quality of the skin – it increases softness, reduces scars and enhances glow of the skin and decreasing tanning.

As micro dermabrasion enhances collagen production, the fine lines and open pores that appear because of damage to collagen protein, may be reduced over time. This happens only if the patient takes proper care of the skin after each session of micro dermabrasion with collagen.

If wrinkles have already developed, micro dermabrasion may not be beneficial. But in the initial stages, when fine lines and open pores (which are the first indication of wrinkles), appear, micro dermabrasion with collagen serum application can delay the onset of wrinkles. The effects however vary from person to person.

It is important to have the procedure done a few times. Once every 15 days a session of 30 to 45 minutes on anyone above 20 years of age will help go a long way in maintaining great skin. An important point to note however, is that the final effect does vary from person to person and is always better in clients who actively take good care of their skin.

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