The culture of gifting is massive in India and with so many occasions to gift; it always leaves a zillion questions in the minds of the giver and the receiver.

Religion, region or culture…gifting is the one Universal etiquette.  With so many friends and relatives and equal number of occasions to congratulate and sometimes show gratitude… gifting becomes an increasingly difficult to task.

We from have read through these little delicate aspects and decided to come up with a solution for this dilemma!

Here’s what we thought and we did!

Have you ever wished your guests knew what you wanted, and that they would “Only” gift what you always wanted??  Your wish has come true!!

Say ‘No’ to repetitive & boring unwanted gifts that will lie in your cupboards or will only get recycled.

Its MyThofa – The Art of Gifting!!

L2R_Shiv_Nair_Presita_Nair_Shalini_Nair is a website that offers you the opportunity to create a gift registry. You choose gifts you would like from available online stores, share this gift list with your loved ones and be assured that you have saved them a whole load of hassle.

As a guest you would think, “What do I buy? Will he/she like it?” and then “Where do I buy it?”

MyThofa, will solve that for you! At MyThofa you get to see the list of things that your loved ones want and buy them online too!!  When your friends and family know you are saving them time, money and confusion, your practical approach will become the right etiquette.

So, the next time you have an event, you can just concentrate on planning it 


Happy Occasion!