Anil Kapoor with toon shiva

Bangalore, July 08, 2016: On the sets of Anil Kapoor’s shoot for a reality show,  the super kid SHIVA  gave a happy surprise super cool  and suave Anil Kapoor.   He was positively amazed when SHIVA visited the sets and  super kid  with the superstar were seen having a blast and posing for the paparazzi.  The superstar and superhero Anil Kapoor aka Jai Singh Rathore  who is always fighting evil like in his upcoming action potboiler 24   along with the super kid SHIVA who just as  brave  made a perfect pair. It was hence proved that one is never too old for toons, especially when it is a brave and  genius super kid like SHIVA was proved today by our Bollywood’s very own Lakkhan. Speaking on this occasion a source present said “It seemed clear that Anil and Shiva were having a good time and that Anil was reliving all of his childhood memories.” Leaving us to conclude that Anil is a person who is fun loving and does not intend to lose the child in him.