Bengaluru: Tuesday, July 5, 2016: Bangalore Political Action Committee (B.PAC), a citizen’s group that works towards better governance in Bengaluru, today announced the launch of 4th batch of B.CLIP – B.PAC Civic Leadership Incubator Programme.

B.CLIP seeks to encourage passionate and concerned citizens to enter public service with a view to creating a new cadre of civic leaders who will successfully drive and scale civic initiatives at the grass roots and create transformative change in our communities through good governance.

By equipping candidates of this program with skills in public policy analysis, municipal administration, educating them on the political landscape and election campaign dynamics, B.PAC will train, develop and prepare the participants to be ready to engage in the political process.

B.CLIP aims to revive the vision of politics as a means to public service. We believe B.CLIP is an initiative that is much needed at this time. Bengaluru City has extremely talented people, especially women and youth who can contribute immensely to its betterment and good governance through their unique skillsets. The idea is to tap into this talent and provide a platform to nurture and channelize this further.

B.CLIP is an important step towards supporting B.PAC’s ambitious mission to transform urban and municipal governance. It is essential that we expand the pool of committed citizens who enter politics and bring in citizens from diverse backgrounds to participate and take charge of our governance. It is time ordinary citizens move away from being mere spectators to being active participants.”

B.PAC has, over the last three years trained over 150 passionate citizens in three batches and currently inviting applications for batch 4 and is in the process of screening and selecting candidates.

Sagar Sathish from Marapannapalya ward who underwent training program said “ B.CLIP program is a unique program on its own way which imparted knowledge of city administration, Ward analytics & working with Neighbourhood, preparing Ward Manifesto action plan. The learnings from the program have added confidence in me to address citizens issues work with citizens in my ward to address the problems”.

Devikar Raj, Civic Leaders Prakashnagar Wards who underwent training program also shared how B.CLIP platform strengthened them to work in their wards and campaign during elections.

B.CLIP program comprises 2 Phases:

Phase 1:  Involves three months’ part-time training through a customized curriculum designed by the Takshashila Institution, Knowledge Partner for B.CLIP.

Phase 2: Involves on-field work at the ward level for a period of six months. This is aimed at providing candidates with an opportunity to engage on civic issues that are of pressing concern.

Through this initiative, B.PAC aims to inspire, equip and mobilize talented citizens who wish to improve the governance of the city by participating in the political process.  Women candidates are encouraged to apply.

The application forms forB. CLIP batch 4 are available online at http://www.bpac.in/bclip or can be requested via phone (+91-9739328099 | 080-41521797) or email (bclip@bpac.in). They can also be collected at the B.PAC office #4/6 Ground Floor Millers Road Opp Vikram Hospital Bengaluru 560052. Last date for submitting the filled application is July 30, 2016.