Bangalore, July 1st, 2016:A change in season, especially a drastic change in weather, can prove to be very detrimental to our hair and our skin.Rain brings relief from scorching hot climate during the summer season, and with the arrival of monsoon people feel happy as they can no more feel the deadly heat of summer. However, monsoon has its direct impacts on hair and skin.

A workshop was conducted to examine the effects of the monsoon season on hair and skin, in which Dr. Premalatha, Dermatologist, Hairline International, demonstrated on how certain specialized treatments can help mitigate the problems faced.

During the monsoon season, there is a lot of humidity in the atmosphere, which increases the moisture in the scalp. This leads to the hair becoming fragile, dull, dry and lusterless. Especially in an area where there is a lot of pollution, the water which settles in the clouds before raining down  usually ends up being very harmful. These pollutants in the rain water stick onto the hair and may lead to dandruff and an itchy scalp, further resulting in hair thinning and hair loss. The prevailing humidity may also lead to excessive sweating, which generates a favorable place for fungi and bacteria to grow,” said Dr. Premalatha.


Mild Ph shampoos along with oil application one hour before bath are of vital importance to the scalp, and the most elemental remedy for damaged hair. After washing comb hair only when completely dry, because combing wet hair will lead to breakage. Conditioners should be used according to the hair type, may it be dry hair, oily hair, or frizzy hair. Use of apparel such as hair straighteners and hair styling products should be avoided as it only worsens the condition of the hair.

“ It is recommended to drink a lot of water and keep oneself hydrated, and eat a lot of green leafy vegetables rich in Vitamin A. Excessive intake of caffeine should be avoided. Two cups a day is fine, but not more,” she added.

With respect to skin, it is recommended to use soap free cleansers and a good moisturizers so as to keep your skin moist all the time. An alcohol free toner is suggested as the high humidity could open up the pores in the skin. Most people stop using sunscreen once the climate turns cool, but it is wise to continue even if it is cloudy. Heavy makeup is a huge turn off in rains, it is better if one opts for water-proof makeup.

Opt for a lotion based serum, which keeps skin rehydrated. Avoid bleaching and facials during this season, as bleaching could do more harm to your face and facials make your skin rough. Wash lips at night and apply some milk cream. Avoid lipsticks, especially the dark shaded ones. Apply lip balms if they are slightly cracked. Always wash your face, hands and feet as soon as you reach home with lukewarm water.

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