The Guinness world record holders of 2015 Sri Veenavani Music School is a Premier Carnatic Classical Music School in South Bangalore and is currently making landmarks of achievements in the field of music. The school has made tremendous achievements by imparting music education to over 1000 students till date from age groups varying 4 to 70 years. We teach more than 14 different instruments, vocals in Carnatic,Hindustani, Light Music and Playback Singing. The institution takes pride in birthing passions and perseverance for all aspiring students and enabling a platform in all musical facets.

To celebrate the 41st anniversary last year in June 2015, the school organized a project for a social cause by creating Guinness Book of World Records in the LargestElectronic Keyboard Ensemble on 6th September 2015.


Carnatic classical music, which has grown to the heights of Himalayas, has been adapted by various kinds of western musical instruments and efforts are still being made in adapting it. To continue this wonderful heritage and make a mark to its existing credibility,Sri Veenavani Music School had organized an event on Sunday, 6th September 2015, to play Carnatic music using keyboard which is a full-fledged western musical instrument and created a Guinness World Record to document a milestone for (Carnatic music) the heritage of Karnataka and India on the whole.With this musical event the School entered Guinness’s book of world records for the Largest Ensemble of Electronic Keyboard category.

Sri VeenaVani Music School is attempting to ensemble more than 1500+ performers from all over the country on August 15th 2016 playing Carnatic classical music with stringed Indian Classical and Western Instruments such as Acoustic Guitar, Veena, Violin, Sarod, Sitar, Mandolin and Electric Guitar.The earlier record was in the year of 2011 where 858 performers from Hillsborough County String Teachers & Students at Williams Middle Magnet School in Tampa, Florida, USA played together on a single platform creating the Guinness book of world record under the category of Largest String Instrument Ensemble. They played the Canonin D” on Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass.

For all participants, Mr. Gireesh Kumar and his team havemade videos and sheet music for the songsto be played during the record. This effort tantamount to almost a year’s worth of teaching which will be given to every participant on registration with a meager fee being Rs.300.

Participation Certificate will be given to all the performers on the day of the event.The event team also co-ordinates with the participants daily through whatsapp and phone to clear all their doubts and ensure synchronization of the participants. Participants can keep updating the team regularly via emails and messages on the progress of their learning for the event.  All the updates regarding the event is posted via the Facebook and whatsapp.

The musicians will perform on songs like,Lambodara, a Carnatic classical on Lord Ganesha, Bhramamurari, Kundagoura, VandeMataram and theIndian National Anthem. The program will be initiated with the rehearsals to ensure that all the 1500+ participants are in sync to perform the feat. After the rehearsals, the final event will be judged by the Guinness Team post our performance.

Themain intentions of this project isto encourage more people to learn to playCarnatic classical style;to showcase that western and Indian instruments can be played in harmony in pure Carnatic classical style and aim to achieve the first world record in Carnatic classical music in largest string instrument ensemble.