New Delhi, June 23, 2016: AasaanJobs (, a leading employment portal that facilitates job search and recruitment, announces its partnership with various offline employment agencies to provide an organized platform for first time job seekers in India. With this tie-up, the company hopes to create a better and more efficient employment marketplace by extending its support to such consultancy firms.

Since job placement agencies and consultancies have been in the market for a long time, they have a diverse network of candidates and are able to understand individual requirements quickly, especially if they only serve within a particular sector/domain. Therefore, AasaanJobs felt it was time to assist such establishments with smoother business operations and greater validation from customers, via technology.

Some key job roles that its partners are currently sourcing are – Delivery Boys, Sales Executives, Counter sales, Equity Dealers and BPO callers.

Currently, these agencies are facing the brunt of booming online employment portals as more and more job seekers in India have begun to opt for such services rather than seek guidance from offline sources. These consultancy firms usually follow a success-based business model, i.e., they get incentivized only after a candidate has been placed and has served 30-60 days at the company, notwithstanding the number of candidates they sourced for that particular opening. They also have to invest a good amount of time and money to collect debt from clients after a successful closure.

With this partnership, AasaanJobs hopes to eliminate these issues and revolutionize their business with an Interview plan. Now, these firms can get paid for every interview as a reward for their sourcing efforts. Additionally, they do not have any set mandates for payment, which comes as a relief for most manpower-based firms who usually get stuck while serving the guarantee period to clients.

Commenting on this tie-up, Dhruvil Suresh, Head of Sourcing and Partnership, Aasaanjobs, said, “It is wonderful to witness the speed with which things work in a technologically-enabled ecosystem. Keeping this factor in mind, we decided to partner with offline job consultancy firms, providing them with an alternate business model that increases their revenue, and with both our assistance enable an efficient system for job seekers.”

“With just a few clicks, a client’s recruitment gets fulfilled through these offline partners across the cities we operate in. We have been able to unravel a system in which multiple associates get more business and thousands of job seekers get employment opportunities, impressing every party involved with our efficiency,” he added.

Through this partnership, AasaanJobs will also help agencies with debt collection issues after successful closure of a client’s requirement by ensuring timely payments, regardless of conflicts with the employer. Furthermore, this tie-up will enable manpower-based employment firms to solely focus on their core competency, i.e., sourcing – and with the help of technology scale up their own business.

So far, AasaanJobs has tied-up with agencies in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune-based networks, who have already become major contributors of quality job seekers in India. It will be expanding its reach in Bangalore this month and plans to onboard more partners across India remotely. It has also figured out the possibilities of covering all possible job roles from various agencies. Also, it hopes to experiment with Entry level IT jobs in Pune and Bangalore in the near future since they are known IT hubs for such consultancies.