Indigo 919 RJs and team perform live on stage at Indigo Live Music Bar

June 21st 2016, Bangalore

For the first time ever, RJs from an Indian radio station have come together to form a band and perform live in front of a packed audience.  On the occasion of World Music Day on Tuesday, RJs from Indigo 91.9 put together a memorable show for their fans at Bangalore’s favorite music and entertainment destination – Indigo Live Music Bar. After entertaining listeners on air along with celebrity guests, the Indigo RJs and their team took the celebrations on ground as they created magic on stage.

Fans joined in on the celebrations as they sang and cheered with Team Indigo 91.9 who sang popular numbers from every decade since the 60s, dedicating the evening to all things music! Shraddha, an avid fan of Indigo 91.9 who was present at the venue, remarked “This was one of the most memorable evenings for me. I tune into Indigo919 everyday and am a fan of all the RJs, but now to see them here, perform live for us was an experience that I will never forget. I liked RJ Shagufta and the team singing ‘My Humps’! They all put up a great show.”

As the RJs took turns hosting the show, the evening culminated with RJ Michelle and RJ Nathan singing their own quirky rendition of Free Falling by Tom Petty called ‘Keep Talking’ – a fun banter between the two morning show jocks which reflected their on-air persona. As the amused audience cheered and laughed along, they were only left yearning for more. Karthik Raj, a reveler said, “This was awesome. I only wish the set was longer. They not only sang well, but they also hosted the event to perfection. RJ Lester was funny and entertaining, Nathan was hilarious and so were all the other members. They should do this more often”.

Team Indigo

World Music Day is a celebration of various forms of music and the creative energy behind each piece. To celebrate the occasion on June 21st, Indigo 91.9 put together an exciting program for listeners and revelers, bringing together some of the finest artists and musicians from Bangalore who have helped make music an iconic part of the city’s culture. Some of the city’s well known artists and musicians like Raghu Dixit, Ricky Kej, Beheram Siganporia and many more shared their experiences on air as they turned RJs and played their chosen songs.