11th June 2016, Mumbai: Gear yourself up for an enriching beauty experience with YBP Cosmetics, cosmetic brand by Thaker Cosmetics Pvt Ltd., co-founded by Mrs. Payal Thaker and Mr. Satyen Thaker. The brand was launched by celebrity makeup artist, Namrata Soni on 8th June 2016 at Asilo, Lower Parel. They started with a product called “Makeup Perfector”. It is a washable and reusable sponge, shaped to fit all contours of the face and allows for precise, cushion blotting.


The particular Makeup Perfector by YBP Cosmetics is made of high-quality material, is latex-free, hypoallergenic, soft and great for sensitive Skin. The Makeup Perfector is a newer product for Indian market and can be used for applying liquid and cream-based makeup products such as foundation, concealer, contour, highlight, and cream blush. The sponge comes in two variants, “Naked” (white) Sponge is preferable for use with Foundation, Concealer, Serums, and Highlighters. The “LUST” (Black) Sponge is preferable for use with Darker Makeup products like Bronzers and Blushes. It can also be used for Body Contouring. Dry Sponge can also be used for applying any Powder-based Makeup.

What’s more exciting about this product is the user-friendly and multi-functional container it comes in. This container is unique to YBP cosmetics. The size is of the container is big enough to hold a fully wet sponge, providing an easy and convenient way to store the wet sponge after use. The container has holes on both sides which allows sufficient airflow for drying the sponge. Storing the sponge in the container also keeps it safe from Bacteria covered surfaces. It is also great for On-the- go use and traveling. When cap is on, the holes will still allow the sponge to breathe. The cap can also be used as a convenient place to put Liquid Makeup, like foundation and concealer, for use with the sponge.

On the launch of YBP Cosmetics, an ecstatic Ms. Payal Thaker said,Having lived abroad most of the time we realized the dearth of quality beauty products in India. We have the prettiest of women here and all they need are some high quality products to make them look impeccable. With this thought we set to make high-quality user-friendly products widely and easily available to Indians. We had a strong desire to spread awareness about Beauty and Style in India and that’s the main motivation behind starting the brand “YBP Cosmetics. “


Congratulating Payal and Satyen at the launch, Namrata Soni said, “As a makeup artist I use a variant of this product regularly and finding good quality was close to impossible here. I had to stock it from my foreign visits. I was extremely delighted when I first heard that someone has thought of producing this amazing product for our market and even more excited to use it. It’s an absolutely fantastic and high quality product which can be used for applying both liquid and cream-based makeup products. It also comes at an affordable price.”

Makeup Artist Namrata Soni

Payal Thaker, Founder and Director at Thaker Cosmetic Pvt Ltd., is a well travelled beauty geek. Born in Ahmedabad, lived in Dubai, Payal has had passion for the beauty world since her early days. Payal is also a beauty blogger and has a beauty blog by the name of yourbeautypal.com.On her blog everything she discusses is geared towards making lives easy when it comes to beauty, and gives accurate knowledge of how one can be gorgeous without damaging skin.