Bangalore, June 10, 2016: Former External Affairs Minister and Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Mr. S M Krishna and Mrs. Prema Krishna inaugurated an art exhibition conducted by National Award winning artist Mrs. Prabha Mallesh at the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat today. The exhibition is open for public till the 16th of June, 2016.

Former External Affairs Minister SM Krishna and Mrs Prema Krishna at Mysore art exhibition hosted by Mrs Prabha Mallesh

Former External Affairs Minister SM Krishna at Mysore art exhibition hosted by Mrs Prabha Mallesh (2)

Former External Affairs Minister SM Krishna at Mysore art exhibition hosted by Mrs Prabha Mallesh

Prabha Mallesh is a well-known artist in India, who is famous for her development work in Mysore style painting.  She started her commercial career in the year 1995. She has been trained under the prominent guru, Shri Subramanya Raju.  The exhibition was adorned by over 40 Mysore style paintings.

Speaking after inaugurating the exhibition Mr. S. M. Krishna said “We appreciate Mrs. Prabha Mallesh’s contribution towards reviving this ancient art and we would like more youngsters to take this art to the next generation.”

Prabha Mallesh is an artist with deep rooted passion for the traditional art of Mysore. This unique form holds a significant place of honour in the world of art, having received royal patronage from various dynasties, over centuries. The Vijayanagara kings played a tremendous role in the evolution of the distinct school of Mysore paintings, which continued to flourish under the aegis of Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar and Tipu Sultan.

Mysore paintings mostly revolve around the theme of mythological characters, scenes and events from ancient Hindu epics, including gods and goddesses. Each creation involves a process wherein intricate embossing is done with ‘gesso’ first, upon which gold foil is pasted and then the painting is finely perfected using muted colours. Patience, persistence, and painstaking attention to detail are what make these splendid art creations a rare collector’s item.

Ms. Prabha has spent a lifetime in the study of the myriad facets of this awe-inspiring traditional art. She has also intended to transcend convention and re-imagine it uniquely, discovering many interesting, artistic possibilities. She experiments with everyday elements, placing them against brilliant three-dimensional backdrops, lending unusual depth and aesthetics to this magnificent art.

The rare art exhibition is open for public till the 16th of June

Prabha Mallesh has been recognized with various awards like:

·         National Award 1999

·         Shilp Guru Award 2013

·         The Mysore Dasara Award 1992

·         Chitrakala Parishat All India Exhibition Award 1993

·         The Karnataka Kala Mela Prashasthi 2003

She is also a member of different art and culture groups like:

·         Life member of Chitrakala Parishat

·         Ex-member of Governing Council of National Institute of Design (NID) Govt of India.

·         Ex-member of Lalitha Kala Academy, Karnataka

Prabha Mallesh has exhibited her work in various parts of India, America and Europe:

·         Bharathi Vidya Bhavan, London

·         ARC Gallery, Chicago

·         Appa Rao Gallery, Chennai

·         Chitrakoot Art Gallery, Calcutta

·         National Awardees Exhibition, New Delhi