The Holy month of Ramazan is commencing from June 7, this year. It is a month of Fasting for Muslims. They keep away from food and drinks all through the day, from 4-30 am till sunset i.e., around 6-45 pm. Not even a drop of water should cross the throat of a fasting person during these hours.

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An impression has gained ground that it is a month of feasting. Much against that, it is a month of Fasting and strict observance of piety. Even small sins are supposed to nullify the fasting

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 It is also the month during which the Quran began to be revealed. Most Muslims therefore engage themselves in reciting and reading of the Holy Quran, the principal scripture of Islam. Special prayers are held in the Mosques during evenings.

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We live in a plural society and therefore need to understand each others’ religious doctrines, rituals and practices. These will lead to removal of misgivings, better understanding and harmony and peace between people of different faiths.

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The Salaam Centre would present the Quran, Islam : Facts vs Fictions a book to Remove the misconceptions about Islam and some a set of 11 multi-color pamphlets about the Islamic beliefs, teachings and practices to non-Muslim brethren during this Ramazan.

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