Bani Anand, Managing Director, Hairline International Hair Research & Treatment center (1)

Hair loss and balding is a major concern, especially amongst youngsters. Multiple therapies prevail, each offering a magic cure. But how many are actually effective is questionable. Ms. Bani Anand Founder and Managing Director of Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic speaks at length about hair loss, premature baldness and hair weaving as an option to address permanent hair loss.

  1. Baldness or loss of hair has become an increasingly common phenomenon today. People look to various treatments or therapies to try and cure this disease. Hair weaving is one such treatment. Can you tell us a little bit about this method – what it is and how it works?

Hair weaving is essentially the addition of hair to one’s scalp to cover baldness or bald spots in which case hair would be added to one’s existing natural hair. The added hair can be synthetic in nature or human. Human hair is cut and collected from other individuals and then processed and marketed. In cases wherein the patient still has hair on his head, a track is prepared with the existing hair, then reinforced with a medicated thread and used as a base to weave the hairpiece which is of the same colour, density and thickness as the original hair.This is how the process of hair weaving works. The hairpiece is then cut and styled based on the inputs and requirements of the patient. The entire procedure would typically involve visits to the centre every 2 months, depending on how fast the hair of the patient grows

  1. Is this a permanent solution?

Under the hair weaving treatment, the hair pieces are woven onto corn row made on the scalp. Hair weaving is therefore not a permanent solution to hair loss. Patients have to visit the technician once in 

2-3 months.

  1. Does hair weaving give rise to skin problems?

If your skin is very sensitive, than you might get itching otherwise 99% of patients have no skin problem. Hair weaving remains to be a popular method because it provides an immediate solution to balding, unlike other medical therapies like hair transplant wherein results take about seven months to show. Hair weaving is also much cheaper than hair transplant and the quality of hair match and technique has become much better over the years.

  1. How much does the procedure cost? Is it affordable?

Cost of hair weaving can range around Rs 10000 to 200000 approximately depending upon the methods chosen, volume of hair to be weaved and other miscellaneous factors.