TCS World 10K continues to act as a strong fundraising platform with pledged money increasing by the year, money raised this year, a crore more than the last.

10 May 2016, Bengaluru:
 The TCS World 10K, yet again has been recognized as one of the largest charity raising platform in South India with over Rs. 4 Crores being pledged to more than 100 Civil Society Organizations (CSO)/ NGO’s a week prior to the run from citizens in the city and globally. The TCS World 10K Bengaluru, in the last five editions, has directly impacted lives of over 75,000 individuals and over 12 causes such as Education, Environment, Disability, Human Rights, Women, Environment &  Animals amongst others.
With thirty-seven corporates sporting fifty-four teams and  200+ fundraisers  running for a cause, this year over 75% of the contribution is from individuals raising funds through their personal networks, a definite sign of the commitment that the city has towards the run. Amongst the many laurels of this year’s fundraising accomplishments is also a single CSO raising a whopping 60 Lakhs as of today, a week before race day.
Commenting on the fundraising efforts of the city, Murray Culshaw, Chairperson, India Cares Foundation shared, “The citizens of Bengaluru are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges facing our city and of society in general and the need to find solutions. The TCS World 10k provides a great transparent and accountable platform for causes to promote their services and for citizens to engage with solutions – by running and donating to a cause of their choice.”
Commenting on the pledged amounts, Dilip Jayaram, CEO, Procam International added, “Our events have always been strong fundraising platforms, and Bengaluru proves each year that their commitment towards running for a cause is unparallel. With a significant increase in funds raised over the years, this 1 crore leap has been the highest till date, Bengaluru should be proud of the contributions they are making towards their communities.  We at Procam are glad to have such strong partner philanthropy partner in India Cares, who are going that extra mile to make a difference.”
This year’s youngest fundraiser, 10-year-old Aum Desai is joined by his Grandmother Mrs.Pramila Desai, who at 76 is the oldest fundraiser at the TCS World 10K. Both running hard towards raising funds for Shrimad; an NGO dedicated to the education of the child.
Joining the duo of Desai’s is the pair of young men, Senthil S and Sakthivel from Sittilingi, Dharampur District, in Tamil Nadu, who are fundraising for Tribal Health Initiative, that provides healthcare facilities to the indigenous tribes along the Karnataka and Tamil Nadu border. Senthel and Sakthivel who are also members of indigenous communities, have over the years been running long distance to raise money towards their cause, running the TCS W10K to fund raise for the first time.
Running for a cause that she feels closely for is also, Vidya from Baale Mane – having grown up under the foster care of Baale Mane after being orphaned as a child, Vidya is hoping that her fundraising efforts this year is perfect farewell from her home of many years as she looks at pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Commerce.
Leaving corporate desk jobs for the benefits of their social causes, running and fundraising this year, amongst others, are Arvind Srivatsav Vijayagopalan, Business Analyst at Oracle Financial Services Software, Bengaluru and Rajkumar TE, Leader of Global Shared Services at TE Connectivity. Arvind who has over the last 4 years been an active participant in the green initiatives of SayTrees, is raising funds through the TCS platform to assist farmers by providing them sustainable income opportunities to continue farming, while discouraging them from migrating to non-agricultural jobs. Mr. Rajkumar has encouraged the TE Connectivity group to contribute Rs 10,00,000 for Project EduDaan, an initiative to support government school children.
Joining the corporate runners, in a first of kind story at the TCS W10K is discount brokering firm Zerodha, fielding a Corporate Cares team raising money for the benefit of  ‘Let’s live together’ an NGO that works with street dogs in the city.
Fundraisers of the TCS World 10K
Aum Desai, the youngest fundraiser of the TCS World 10K

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