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Mumbai, May 3, 2016: Kellogg’s Special K brand believes in inspiring women to get back to life and do things they always love to do. To do the same, the brand believes in providing the best in breakfast that one needs to feel their best. Taking this intent forward, Kellogg’s Special K has launched Special K Multigrain & Honey which is  a mix of ingredients that are a source of fibre and protein that is not just nourishing but delicious as well. This new ready-to-eat cereal consists of flakes made of wheat, rice and oats, coated with delightful taste of honey and mixed with rolled oats. It is a true ally for women who want to have a nourishing and delicious breakfast having only 2% fat and with no added preservatives. Apart from this, the naturally low fat, low cholesterol and 100% vegetarian cereal   makes it a great offering. 

Women often play a tug-of-war between the need for prudent or nutritious options and cravings for something tasty.Special K Multigrain & Honey delivers the perfect taste which enriches and delights the consumers in their weight management journey.

Harpreet Singh Tibb, Director of Marketing, Kellogg India added, “Our aim is to have Special K Multigrain & Honey become a breakfast ally to consumers, offering them a delicious and nourishing option without having to compromise on taste. It adds to the portfolio of Special K with one more great food option for which consumers have shown a great liking towards in our research.”

Special K Multigrain & Honey, is available in 435 gm SKUs priced at Rs 179 /-.

*Eating breakfast every day is the first step in the journey towards weight management. Kellogg’s Special K is a 98% low-fat breakfast option that as part of a low fat well-balanced diet and a regular exercise regime can partner women in their weight management journey.  It is enriched with eight essential vitamins and is a source of protein and fibre.

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