Platinum Pendants

April, 2016:Akshaya Tritiya also known as Akha Teej, is one of the most auspicious days of the Vedic calendar. Akshaya means “Eternal” or which never diminishes hence buyingorgiving gifts on this day is considered inexhaustible.Precious platinum an eternal metal which stands the test of time and considered auspicious for this festival.

It is believed that on this day ‘white’ is propitious and of special significance as it symbolizes purity. On Akshaya Tritiya, white payasam, jasmine flowers; kolam and even white utensils are used for the puja.Pure platinumwhich is a naturally occurring white metal, makes it apposite for this occasion. From the time that it is mined to the final piece of jewellery it is absolutely white and will neither fade nor tarnish with time.

Platinum jewellery range for this festive season includes elegantly crafted chain and pendants for everyday wear and special occasions. Along with this, the range also has a charismatic range of sophisticated bracelets and striking chains for men.

Price: Platinum jewellery starts at range of Rs.10000 – 12000 onwards, depending on the size, weight of the metal, number and quality of diamonds used the cost would increase.

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Platinum Jewellery for this Akshaya Trithiya

Platinum Jewellery for this AkshayaTrithiya (2)

Availability: Leading retailers have a platinum counter at their stores. Please visit – to get additional information on designs and locate a platinum authorised retailer.

In order to assure consumers of the purity of platinum jewellery, Platinum Guild India Pvt. Ltd. has appointed Underwriters Laboratories (UL Inc, USA) to audit and monitor its Quality Assurance Scheme. Under this scheme, all authentic platinum jewellery in India comes with a Quality Assurance Card and bears the purity hallmark of “Pt 950” stamped

inside the piece. This also serves as an assurance of a ‘buy back’ programme.

Look for the Pt 950 engraving as a hallmark of purity on every platinum jewellery