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April 2016

BMS College of Engineering to Conduct Session on “Smart Ways to Invest”

Bangalore, Tuesday, 26 April 2016: BMS College of Engineering, which never ceases to motivate its students and people around it is back again with a 2-day Financial Training Session on Smart Ways to Invest. The 2-day course on 29th and 30th April, 2016, Smart Ways to Invest is a program aimed at increasing the awareness about Stock Market Investment.

The Content of the syllabus is divided into 4 parts: Basics, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Investment Management. The various sub-topics covered within the 4 sectors include Introduction to capital market, various investment avenues, smart tips to invest, how to open trading/demat accounts amongst other topics.

The students will be learning about the functioning of Capital Markets, basic understanding of various investment avenues in capital market, investment using Fundamental Analysis and investment using Technical Analysis. They can also get free  Demat & Trading Account, if they are interested and a virtual/simulated trading experience in association with a Service Provider along with a certificate of participation

Anyone who is interested to get more insight into the world of stock trading can enroll for this program. All participants will undergo a simulated trading experience during this program and gain hands on experience on trading. 

To register call: +919591988151 or drop a mail at

Message body Greenwood High Students Bag 1st and 3rd place at International Spelling Bee Competition

Ms Mysha Amirah_1st winner..

Bangalore, April 26, 2016 – Greenwood High students, Ms Mysha Amirah and Mr Aryan Manuj of Grade 3 have bagged the first and the third place respectively in Category 1 of the Eighth International Championship of the MaRRS International Spelling Bee competition held at Mumbai. Mysha won a scholarship of USD $.4444/- while Aryan won a scholarship of USD $1111/-. The MaRRS International Spelling Bee is currently the largest English Spelling Competition in the world in terms of Scope and Participation.

The Championship saw participation from over 600 children, studying in Class 1-12 from various schools across India, UAE and Kuwait. The competition begins at the School Level and then progresses to the International Level through the Inter School, State and National championships. The various rounds of the contest assess their spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary skills.

Commenting on this achievement, Ms Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School said “Our students have made us proud once again. They have displayed tremendous level of dedication and hardwork at such a young age and inspired many with their achievement. We at Greenwood High have always encouraged such talent and wish them the best in their future endeavors”.

Started in 2003, the championship now sees close to a million students participate in the competition annually being conducted in twenty two states in India and also UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Malaysia.



Bengaluru, 26th April, 2016: Continuing on its journey of providing listeners with innovative and engaging content, 92.7 BIG FM, India’s largest and No.1 radio channel has launched yet another one of a kind show, ‘Nayak’ in Bengaluru. The show will be hosted by the most loved RJ of Bengaluru, RJ Rohith. With a fresh perspective on life, ‘Nayak’ will take listeners of the city down the memory lane of the lives of Indian luminaries who have inspired people for generations. Starting 25th April, the show will go air from 8pm – 10 pm Monday to Friday in Bengaluru.

RJ Rohith, the evening show jockey for the radio station will take listeners through personal life journeys, dramatic life changing events and anecdotes of some of the most eminent personalities who have left a lasting mark in the Indian history today. Celebrating the spirit of ‘true heroes’ or the NAYAKS, the show promises to inspire listeners and instigate positivity among them to deal with hardships with determination and follow their dreams.

Talking about the new show, host RJ Rohith said, “Listeners in Bengaluru have always been interested to gain knowledge about everything that has made an impact on our country. Be it music, arts or the history of our country, all this have always been a topic of interest for the people of Bengaluru. I am glad to be a part of this show that aims to inspire people and instigate positivity in them by giving them real life examples of our legends. To me it feels like I am getting a chance to pay a tribute to all the luminaries through this show.”

RJ Rohith, famous for his Take it easy show in Bengaluru and often referred to as Rockstar RJ Rohith, will create an upbeat atmosphere around the show with his endearing voice and positive spirit.




Bengaluru, 2016–Acne is a common skin problem faced not only by adults but by teenagers as well. Several factors like weather, inherent family genes, stress and hormonal changes can result in acne and skin break outs. Though the skin has several protective layers, external factors like pollution, dust and sun tend to secrete Sebum which makes the skin look oily. Sebum production glues to the dead cells and clogs the pores resulting in acne.LaRoche-Posay, the leading French Dermocosmetic brand, has expanded its Effaclar range by introducingEffaclar H Derma Soothing Hydrating Cleansing Cream and Effaclar H Compensating Soothing Moisturizer, highly recommended for 3rd and 4th grade acne which are more severe and can cause redness, inflammation and even cyst in some cases.

With their unique knowledge combined with over 30 years’ of research experience and 25 patents, La Roche-Posay has successfully developed products for sensitive skin ensuring the norms of tolerance and safety. Their Effaclar rangeis a complete solution for all types of imperfection and blemish-prone skin. This categoryalready has two products i.e. Effaclar purifying and foaming gel & Effaclar Duo [+] for 1stand 2nd grade acne  basically best suited for mild to moderate acne. Now with the addition of two new products within Effaclar, La Roche Posay offers complete solution for skin prone to acne.

Effaclar H Derma Soothing Hydrating Cleansing CreamIt is an intense moisturizing cream ideal for dry and irritated skin. The soothing formula smoothly cleanses the skin and reduces the tightness providing long lasting comfort. Enriched with three key ingredients- Niacinamide that helps to inhibit inflammation, Zinc PCA that is anti -bacterial and Thermal spring water that soothes and heals the skin eventually.  It is scientifically tested for skin imperfections and is extremely tolerant on skin.  It not only cleanses the skin, it also treats it eventually. This cream is soap free and can be rinsed off easily.

Price:Rs. 1,300/- (200ml)

Effaclar H Compensating Soothing Moisturizer – This compensating soothing moisturizer intensely moisturizes oily skin which gets fragile due to over drying and brings the lipids that it specifically lacks. With ideal ingredients like Linoleic acid and Squalene that rebuild the protective hydrolipidic film to restore comfort and suppleness. Effaclar H compensating soothing moisturiser also boasts of patented Ceramide 5 that consolidates intercellular cement to strengthen skin barrier function. Besides this, Bisabolol and La Roche Posay Thermal Spring water soothes irritation and redness. The skin is soothed and intensely hydrated leaving it comfortable for long. The Effaclar moisturiser is non greasy, non- sticky and non comedogenic in texture.

Price: Rs. 1,350/- (40ml)

Get ready for an acne free skin with the new advanced Effaclar range by La Roche Posay


  • At select pharmacies in all major cities, on,, etc.
  • Orders can also be placed online with no delivery charges.
  • To place orders or to locate the nearest La Roche-Posay store log on to:
  • CAD(consumer advisory department) number – 022-67003333

Michigan State University – Alumni Club Of India celebrates Global Service Day

Mahendra Bhatt (India’s Got Talent Runners Up) training the rag-picker's children from a Delhi school

New Delhi, India, April 26, 2016: Supporting Michigan State University’s Global Service Day, the MSU Alumni Club Of India in association with Chintan Environment and Research Action Group & Canvironment Week have kicked-off an initiative in India to provide vocational training to the children of rag pickers / waste pickers in music & performing arts.

Waste pickers are the scavengers of Indian society; Rag pickers are the main cog in the recycling wheel for India. All the litter that is created in India is sent for recycling by the help of these waste pickers. In one way it is true to say that Rag pickers are the main reason behind any kind of recycling in India. They deal with all the garbage that we create!
Rising before the sun is up and resting well after mid –night, these Rag pickers live all their lives in the debris of the society, exposed to the most unhygienic wastes. Wastes that you and me will never dream of touching!

To honor the contribution and the important role played by this ignored community, efforts are being made to make transformative effects on the lives of some of the children of these individuals.

The initiative will be supported and sponsored by Canvironment Week, which is a global sustainability campaign run by Hindustan Tin Works Ltd.

Mr. Atit Bhatia, Director, Michigan State University – Alumni Club Of India & President – Canvironment Week said,“In support of the Global Day Of Service by Michigan State University, we have kicked off the CAN BAND initiative in association with the Chintan Environment and Research Action Group, where in we would be providing vocational training to children of waste pickers in music and performing arts. Six bands from six schools located near the landfill areas of New Delhi will be trained for a period of 3 months by Mahendra Bhatt (India’s Got Talent Runners Up).

This initiative also support Chintan’s No Child in Trash program, the training would help the rag pickers to transform their lives, the skills provided to these children of waste pickers shall encourage them to have an alternate way of Life and earn more for the family.
It is an honour to be a Spartan and such global initiatives by Michigan State University motivates us to give back and make humble contributions to the society in our own way“.

In addition to the above, Mr Gunjan Trivedi another proud Spartan & Director on the MSU Alumni Club of India organized a clean up drive in his neighborhood area in Ahmedabad, Gujrat with his family, an excellent initiative which also support Prime Minister NarendraModi’s Swatch Bharat Abhiyan (Clean up India Drive).

Can Band initiative kicks off in Delhi in association with NGO Chintan to support MSU's Global Service Day

Michigan State University Spartans are scattered all over the world, but there is at least one thing that brings us all together: A call to serve our communities. This year, both students and alumni volunteered on the MSU Global Day of Service in communities as close as Lansing, Michigan USA and as far away as Africa & India

Timelessness made modern: Giovani launches Spring Summer’16 collection

    ~~Unconventional fabrics, clean silhouettes, finer details and a clever play of brilliant tones – the new range of apparel and accessories will help you dress with style and confidence. 

Future Lifestyle Fashion’s premium brand for men and women, Giovani, has unveiled their Spring Summer 2016 collection. Influenced by classic details and iconic character of Captain Blue, the new collection interprets traditional with a new eye. Along with myriad shades of blue, there are lots of luscious and bright summer shades combined with masculine signatures and unconventional textures to give it a totally unexpected vibe.

The vast collection is carefully designed considering varied style preferences of the discerning contemporary man. One could choose from bandhgalas, jackets, Nehru jackets, formal and casual suits, waist-coats, pocket squares and scarves.

What’s new?

The shade palette has been inspired by Captain Blue and tweaked with hottest colour sensations in the current Italian fashion landscape. Along with navy, teal and cobalt blue, there are fun shades like peach, salmon and ivory. Of course, for the lovers of classic combinations, there’s a lot to choose from staples like beige, taupe, gray and shades of black.

Fabrics and patterns

There’s a new twist on the fabrics used. Cotton blended with linen, lightweight self jacquard, polamidelycra, seersucker (for crumpled look) and other breathable fabrics give the outfits a cool and soothing appeal. There’s a delicate use of polka dots, and even a subtle camouflage into the fibres. The check patterns come in varying styles – there’s Prince of Wales, classic plaid and other contemporary check weaves that elevate the look of these outfits instantly.

The jackets are priced at Rs 7000 onwards and the suits are priced at Rs 10,000 onwards.



Giovani Spring Summer’16 collection is the quickest route to a contemporary wardrobe that is great-looking, versatile, comfortable, coordinated and timeless.


The event was inaugurated by Miss Sushruthi Krishna – Femina Miss India – 1st Runner’s Up and witnessed by many eminent fashion & interior designers,celebrities and delegates from Kannada Film Industry.
Design Boulevard is a student driven event was held on April 22 & 23,2016. There will be multiple theme based stores viz.Denim,Men’s Wear,Indo-Western,Bridal,Accessories,Hand-made jewelries & Home Decor wherein students will be showcasing their own designs. This is a great platform provided to the INIFD Bangalore students to showcase their skills learnt at INIFD .

Help students understand how to take admission in IVY League university abroad

Rohan Ganeriwala Founder

Here’s a thought that bears repeating about getting into Ivy League and so-called Top-25 schools: It’s harder than you think and it takes long-range planning.  There is an incredible crush of applicants for the top schools.  They’re the ones with the lowest acceptance rates.  Although there are many quality colleges and universities in the United States, every year a disproportionate number of high school students from across the world  try to get into a very small group of schools.  You’ll need several essential tools for success at the top: a strong strategic admissions plan, an outstanding student profile, and good advice along the way. Here’s the part where a multinational educational consultancy firm like Collegify comes in.  At Collegify, we look to mentor students of class 9,10,11 and 12 and assist them with their applications abroad. We also coach them for GRE/ GMAT/ SAT/ SAT 2/ AP/ IELTS/ TOEFL. We are a group of alumni from MIT, St Andrews, Babson College, Rutgers University, Oxford University, Singapore Management University amongst others, and we look to actively make a difference in the lives of our students.

We have an excellent track record, and our students have received scholarships worth over $10 million this year from Delhi alone. Some of our best admits include Boston, Brown, Carnegie Mellon, Darthmouth, Emory, Georgia Tech, NYU Stern, UCLA, Upenn, Bath, Kings College London, LSE, St. Andrews, Warwick, Yale NUS etc.

A good, general, long-range college admissions plan might look something like this (suggestions for both students and parents):

The elementary years: Encourage reading and broad-range interests.  Look for signs of special talents.  Get involved with your school’s guidance program.  Start developing computer skills.

Middle-School Years: Continue reading at all levels.  Begin to emphasize writing and general communication skills.  Watch for emerging leadership traits.  Increase involvement with teachers and administrators.

Ninth Grade:

GPA and class rank begin to accumulate.  Schedule only the most challenging courses.  Excel in academics and extracurricular pursuits.  Don’t waste summer.  Students in 9th and 10th can look into Collegify’s career mapping program. Here, Collegify helps students understand the prospects of studying abroad after high school. It creates a road map for all students as to what should be incorporated in their academics and extracurricular activities to get them into the Ivy League.

Career Mapping

  • Identify Career Interests
  • Exploring Subject Options
  • Discussing Career Prospects
  • Identifying Country Interests
  • Knowledge Building regarding college applications
  • Discussion on profile, filling the gaps


There are mandatory exams like the SAT 1 and TOEFL to be given for students applying to colleges in U.S. The SAT1 is an assessment of the student’s mathematical and verbal proficiency and primarily in the multiple choice format. It is 2400 mark paper. An Ivy League college will definitely require a SAT score of 2200 and above.

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. It is the most widely accepted English Language exam to check an examinee’s proficiency and comfort in understanding, listening, speaking, and writing English.

SAT 2 are one hour tests on specific subjects. The SAT 2 has 22 separate tests covering five subject areas like math, history, literature, science and languages scored on a scale of 200-800. Not all schools require subject tests, but it’s mandatory for most top schools. And they specify the number of subject tests i.e two or three. Please check the individual college website for the SAT2 requirement. The subject tests opted for should be in tandem with the basic study program you would like to opt for i.e. science or humanities.

You may be surprised to learn how many applicants to America’s top colleges have scores approaching perfection on the SAT I.  An equally surprising number also have perfect 800s on their Subject Tests.  Now, don’t give up just because your scores are not in this range.  There are a number of things you can do to improve your score.  The SATs, especially the SAT I, can be coached.  If you are unsatisfied with your score, you can improve it through some structured study.  Collegify also offers comprehensive preparation for exams like SAT II, PSAT and AP. Add these to your regular SAT preparation to have that extra edge during your college applications. Collegify has trained students like Rachit Parasrampuria ( attending Brown university) with a SAT score of 2400. He was also accepted in Cornell and Colgate with full scholarship. There are a great deal of students from Collegify who have secured a score of 2300 and above. Few of them in 2014 were Angad Singh who got a SAT score of 2370. He is attending University of Chicago and was also accepted in Yale-Nus, Vanderbilt and Emory

The Advanced Placement Exams (AP)

The AP exam tests cover more than 30 university level courses that are taken by high school students to improve their chances at getting admission into an Ivy League college. Taking AP exams and scoring in them is a sure shot way of impressing college admission counselors as it indicates the child’s preparedness to take on challenges as well his ability to handle college level course work. AP exams in India are offered in 24 subjects like World History, Human Geography, English language and Composition, United States History, Computer Science, Calculus, Statistics, Environmental science, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Psychology, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, etc.


American College Testing is an alternative to SAT 1. Like the SAT, it is a paper and pen test, for college admissions in the USA. It is scored out of 36 points. There are four sections English, Math, Reading and Science.


Here’s the weak link in many college applications.  It’s unfortunate because the essay can tip the scales when a college is trying to decide between two otherwise equally qualified applicants.  Some students don’t put much thought into their essays.  This is a big mistake.  Essays are crucial.

Most applications for competitive colleges ask the applicant to write a reasonably significant essay (in the 500-750 words range) about what is usually a broad topic.  What colleges are looking for in the essay is an insight into how well the student thinks and how well s/he can articulate a point of view.  Colleges require applicants to submit a personal statement, which is literally an essay about you. This may be the one chance the admissions committee has, to get to know who you are and what you will contribute to their student body. As such, the essay is an extremely important part of your application.

The main requirement for writing a convincing essay, aside from a command of the English language is to be who you really are.  Find your “voice.”  Your voice is that writing style that lets your readers “hear” who you are.  The key to finding your voice is to forget trying to write what you think the admissions people want to hear.  Write what you want to say.  Relax and make your essay approachable.  Some application essays are so stilted they are painful and embarrassing to read.

You are more than the sum total of your test scores, school marks, and other achievements. You have a unique personality, sense of humor, funny little habits that only your best friend knows about… the personal statement is your chance to make an impression, to demonstrate the special qualities that make you you. The strongest applicants are those who have the strongest stories, the Mentors at Collegify help you transform life experiences into powerful narratives.


Fortunately some Ivy league colleges are Need Blind colleges. This means an applicant’s ability to pay has no effect on his admission. If the applicant is good enough to be selected, he will be accepted into the college regardless of his ability to pay the fee. Most colleges are Need Blind only for domestic students. Some Ivy league colleges which are Need Blind for international students are : Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Dartmouth. Harvard and Yale are committed to meeting 100 percent of admitted students demonstrated financial need. Families with income between 65000 and 150000 dollars are expected to pay zero to ten percent. Families with annual income over 150000 dollars are expected to pay proportionally more.

There are Need aware colleges too for international students. There are various parameters considered before being given financial aid. Usually, the strongest applicants in terms of academics, SAT scores and profile make the cut. Collegify understands your need for a scholarship and maximizes your chances of procuring financial aid. Our students have received over $15 million in scholarships in 2014 alone! One of our students Shalmoli Halder from Kolkata is attending Yale University with 100 percent scholarship.

binge watch your favorite sitcom @ Indigo Live Music Bar


This one is for all the fans of FRIENDS. Indigo Live Music Bar is where you need to be this Sunday as you get to cozy up with some comfort food and binge watch your favorite episodes from the hit sitcom FRIENDS!

For the Fun Young Bangalore - Indigo Live Music Bar

Indigo Live Music Bar is assembling a list of YOUR favorite FRIENDS episodes for you to binge watch with your FRIENDS. So, head to your favorite entertainment destination and binge your way to some hilarious FRIENDS episodes, along with an unlimited flow of alcohol, fun and laughter. Five hours of FRIENDS, exciting activities and an ambiance that reminds you of all the things you love about the sitcom. Could it BE any better!?
Bookings are now open on

Indigo eats at Indigo Live Music Bar


At Indigo Live Music Bar, Koramangala on Sunday, April 24th 2016, 12.00 pm onward

For Reservations, call: 080 25535330

Address: 71/72, Jyoti Nivas College Road, 6th Block, Industrial Layout, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095


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