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 ‘Your Story Your Way’ by Hemant Bohra is a must read book for all those starting off on their journey to success. In this easy to read real-life guide, the storyteller and entrepreneur turned author discusses centuries old wisdom that can help you tap your true potential.

Hemant takes us on a journey with stories, new and old, that will not only help us understand the role of the heart and the mind in our journey to success but also help us find the right balance between the two.

The author believes that everyone has a story to narrate. Depending on the decisions they make a person emerges as either the hero or the villain of their life story. The hero takes a person’s story towards success and glory while the villain flourishes in fear and doubts.

The heart and mind are the two decision-making agents in a person’s life. The two reason very differently, pulling the person in opposite directions, making the villain within stronger. Therefore it is necessary to have six wise men as companions throughout our life journey.

The six wise men are the six questions that we need to answer in order to find our path to success. There is no correct order of answering them nor is there one correct answer. Answers to these questions vary from person to person. In fact, the answer to the questions might also differ at different stages in life, but the questions remain the same.

The book will help unearth hidden desires and harness innate abilities within each one of us to perform to our maximum potential. Get hold of your Life Map called ‘Your Story Your Way’. It will help you navigate through rough weather and difficult times to emerge victorious.

The epub and paperback versions of the book are available on Amazon.