Popley Eternal   gold jewellery

Profound and bewildering, India’s love-affair with jewellery has been a phenomena that can neither be fathomed nor illustrated. The woman of today knows what she wants – she is discerning and doesn’t believe in buying what everybody else has. Every woman secretly desires to wear something which nobody else possesses – giving herself an individual identity, making her feel unique, yet something that is an heirloom piece. To make every woman feel and look special, Popley Eternal presents its astonishing nature inspired jewellery piece.

For designers at Popley Eternal, the influence of nature is even more apparent. It becomes not just an inspiration for creativity but an integral part of the overall style. The appeal of capturing nature in jewelry is that the piece not only takes on the appearance of how the designer views the natural object, but it also infuses the designs. Our skilled craftsmen enhance the beautiful designs and shapes by incorporating brilliant collage of diamonds, precious gemstones and enamel

 At Popley Eternal designs featuring beautifully faceted gemstones set in animal motifs to create nature inspired jewellery. This piece of jewelry appears as real and fascinating as nature itself. Nature inspired jewelry has started making its mark with motifs like birds, animals, flowers —as they can be worn for all the important occasions. That’s why Popley Eternal has crafted a beautiful and astonishing pair of earrings that will never really go out of fashion. They are evergreen!

Description Of Earrings : A union of elegance, unparalleled beauty and intricate craftsmanship, this assortment from Popley Eternal showcases hues of peacock encased in yellow gold that exemplify the beauty of nature. This astonishing pair of earrings lends a royal feel and the frivolous twist in designs makes them a perfect match for the modern attire. This unique design makes it a work of art that can be treasured for generations

Popley Eternal a name synonymous to purity and quality ever since 1927. It stands for symbol of infinity and matchless excellence in service and finesse. Every Popley Eternal jewel is unique and is a perfect blend of design and craftsmanship.