Bangalore, 18 April 2016 – Nomadly, India’s first mobile chat personal travel booking service, has been launched today by Bangalore-based startup Chronosphere Technologies. With friendly user interface like that of other chatting apps, customers can text in their requirements for their travel, and within few minutes, the app responds to the customer requests with options to pick from. Nomadly offers customers a new way to travel stress-free by offering them travel booking for airlines, buses, cabs, and accommodations with just a few texts.


Shaping the Future of Travel

The Indian mobile Internet user base is estimated to cross the 300 million mark in 2017, an astonishing increase from being 100 million in 2013, and as a result, travel booking has gone from physical to online to mobile. So, Nomadly is trying to bring the human touch back into technology with its personal travel booking Mobile App anytime, anywhere.

Seven months ago, co-founders Sharath Iyengar and Rohan Prabhu started with weekend getaways and a website with a five-step form. This received an amazing response – they have so far reached 35Lakhs Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) within this short period. They attribute this success to their deepened understanding of customer mindset and requirements, and subsequently, the development of the app, Nomadly.  With the launch of their mobile website and Andriod App today, Nomadly is all set to change how you even think of travel anymore.

“The progress we have made in the past seven months focusing just on Bangalore has been very promising as our customers have been very welcoming of our offerings and services. Today’s traveller has many ideas and expectations of their travel and to execute all of it can be quite a difficult task. Machines don’t understand the ‘overall picture’, but humans do. The aim is to tell your plan to someone and get it done,” shared Sharath Iyengar, Co-Founder.

Nomadly is trying to change the traditional way of planning travels by building machine intelligence to understand what customers need out of their travel. A highly scalable system for real-time communication is being structured to handle very high volumes of messages with post-processing.

The Element of Conversation

As compared to just having a textbox or a dropdown menu to pick pre-defined options, chatting gives users unlimited modes of expressions to explain what they need during the travel. Therefore, Nomadly seeks to engage customers to communicate using the app in the same way they interact with their friends and everyone else.

On an industry level, 2016 is lined up to be the year of conversational commerce – Nomadly is taking charge  by building machine level intelligence to understand customer requests and pick out the finer details of travel to service their needs better. The end goal is to achieve a machine-level understanding of the customers’ needs to respond faster.

Though travel has become cheaper and more affordable, the average traveller is still hassled with booking the bare essentials of travel – transport and accommodation – by poring through multiple portals before getting the booking done. With a personal assistant who can take care of these basics through chatting, Nomadly is all set to put behind these hassles as a thing of the past.

Nomadly is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android devices, and on mobile website In the next six months, Nomadly hopes to expand its operations to other metro cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.