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CaratLane, India’s leading omni-channel jeweller has crafted a novel direction of design and style in gold jewellery, with it’s latest collection line – Un-Nostalgic. Unusual, unexpected and unapologetically modern – Un-Nostalgic speaks the language of gold in today’s terms.

Un-Nostalgic brings together three diverse

“Gold has been limited to occasions. Gold jewellery has always been designed to blend in. With Un-Nostalgic, CaratLane breaks these norms about gold jewellery for the urbane, edgy and chic women of today,” Mr. Mithun Sacheti, Co-Founder & CEO, CaratLane said.

Sharing the inspiration behind Un-Nostalgic, Atul Sinha, Senior Vice President, CaratLane said, “Gold jewellery has had its day in many decades. But lately, we noticed gold was losing its sheen as the true metal of high fashion… this led us to conduct a nationwide study, titled ‘Unlearning Gold’. The findings then confirmed the need to bring gold jewellery that’s truly nothing like before – hence, Un-Nostalgic.”

Un-Nostalgic By CaratLane

The ‘Unlearning Gold’ survey revealed that Indian women today are consistently looking for a new wave of modernist jewellery that provide the perfect complement to the refined tastes of this age. As many as 55% women described gold jewellery available in India as unwearable, traditional in design, and not reflective of changing styles. When asked to rate factors that are most important for gold jewellery, most women ranked design as the most important factor, with 70% votes. Wearability comes a close second among things that matter most to women today, when it comes to gold jewellery.

“These days, there is no down time, women want to wear gold that is easy and goes with everything. It’s not a simple case of less is more; it is rather about how can gold shed off its traditional feel and be more contemporary. This is why we put our efforts together to bring accessible, affordable and wearable gold jewellery that celebrates everyday as an occasion, has a sense of individuality and complements the eccentricity of every look. In other words, it’s gold jewellery that’s Un-Nostalgic in design, style and appeal.” Mr. Sacheti further added.

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Each design under the Collection line rewrites the rules with tasteful craftsmanship and attitude which readily fit into everyday lives, absolutely unlike gold jewellery like ever before.

Collections start from Rs 3,500

Un-Nostalgic – https://www.caratlane.com/gold-jewellery.html