Bangalore, April 13, 2016: In a program held to mark the 125th birth anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar, the honorable MLA of Shantinagar constituency and people’s leader, Mr. N. A Haris took a pledge to ensure that his constituency will become a 100% literate constituency within the next 36 months. This event was organized by the N.A Haris Foundation in association with Global Concerns India and Academy of Gandhian Studies


The foundation in association with has chalked out a detailed 36 month plan that is systematically targeted to ensure that every person living in the constituency gets an opportunity and access to free education. While the N. A Haris foundation undertakes various initiatives like free school kit distributions, Scholarship distribution etc, this is an unique initiative in association with other partners to ensure that both the children and the adults in the constituency of Shantinagar get access to free education.

The outreach is planned in 3 phases – The first phase will target logistical arrangements for identified government schools. One such project is already in place and activities have already begun. The second phase is the student enrollment drive targeted to get admissions to schools and Third phase is adult education drive targeted at adults who are illiterate



Speaking on the occasion, Mr. N. A Haris, MLA of Shantinagar constituency said ”Abolition of poverty should be the first check point on all of our charts. Giving financial help to the needy is a good thing to do, however empowering the needy so that they can earn what the need is something much better than mere help. This empowerment can be done only by providing education to the masses. We are planning this initiative on the birthday of Dr. B. R Ambedkar, to honor and respect this great personality who stood out and achieved something extraordinary. I strongly believe that it was his hard work, dedication and the strong weapon of his ‘education’ that help him succeed in life. Today each one of us have the potential to lead a better life. With this initiative we plan on targeting each and every person living in the constituency of Shantinagar and ensuring that he/she is given proper access and opportunity to study. I shall ensure that maximum benefits and facilities are provided by the state government to support this initiative and together we can make Shanthinagar a 100% literate constituency within the next 36 months”

The ‘pledge program’ at the Brigade Road junction will be held 13th and 14th of April. A signature campaign on a massive pledge wall is organized to create awareness among people on the need of education and ensuring their support for the cause. This campaign was flagged off by Mr. Digvijaya Singh, National leader of the Indian National Congress and is expected garner participation from more than 25,000 bengalurians over the two days. A massive stage program on the evening of 13th April,   followed by a midnight march was also organized by the foundation in which various national and state leaders are expected to participate and pay tribute to Dr. B. R Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian constitution.


The N. A Haris foundation is associating with Global Concerns India, a nonprofit volunteer driven organization to help achieve the goal of 100 % literacy in the constituency. The first phase of the plan is to revive government schools in the constituency that are not functioning accurately. We have identified such schools and adequate steps are being taken to renovate these schools and bring them up  to the modern standard. We will soon tie up with volunteers and like minded organizations to begin an admission drive. We invite all well wishers and interested volunteers to come forward and join us in this cause” said Mr. Mohammed Haris Nalapad, Social worker and the Director of the N. A Haris Foundation.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Brinda Adige, social worker and Global Concerns India representative present at the event said “ We at Global Concerns India believe that there is a power so great within each one of us, that when we come together, we can make it possible for every child to enjoy their childhood in school and realize their dreams . We have identified more than 150 children from class LKG to class 7 who need to be enrolled to schools. We need to recruit some teachers too to ensure our initiative kick starts to the first phase”

The N. A Haris Foundation has partnered with 92.7 Big Fm to promote this cause