Artworks from Vietnam showcased at Indigo Live Music Bar

April 10th 2016, Bangalore It was indeed a super Sunday at Indigo Live Music Bar as the art exhibition aptly named ‘Artworks from Vietnam’ showcased the best of Vietnamese art at Bangalore’s favorite entertainment destination. In association with the Asian Art House, Indigo Live Music Bar brought together an exclusive afternoon, complete with some exquisite wine and cheese for the many guests who were seen exploring the beautiful artworks.

A melodious ensemble of live Jazz music and an array of Indigo eats and drinks complimented the event while making it an artsy superSunday all the way through. Guests experienced a one of a kind art exhibition from a region where art is actively shaped from history. The artworks drew guests into a dynamic realm of Vietnamese and Asian art, helping satiate the hunger for a visual art treat!

Art lovers examine the intircate details at Indigo Live Music Bar

Indigo Live Music Bar, known as the venue where no two nights are alike, constantly hosts experiential events – from live performances by bands and artists to themed nights and parties. The place has carved a niche as the entertainment destination of the city. The art exhibition is yet another feather in the cap for Indigo Live Music Bar, as it focuses on showcasing and bringing together the best of art and entertainment closer to the Fun Young Bangalore.