Rare Heart Surgery performed at Sapthagiri Hospital


The cardiac team comprising of Dr Tameem Ahmed and Dr Sunil Nanda of Sapthagiri hospital have successfully operated a rare case of big left ventricular tumor on a 43 year old man.

  Dr Tameem, the Cardiac Surgeon told that the tumors in the Left ventricle are extremely rare. These tumors have wide range of presentation and if not tackled in proper time can give rise to sudden embolization and risk of sudden death. The treatment includes a challenging excision through the Left ventriculotomy approach.

    The patient had symptoms of breathlessness and cough with blood in sputum. He underwent investigations including echo which revealed a large tumor 6.7 cm in the left ventricle.

  Prior to surgery the mass was evaluated by Trans-esophageal echo (which is an important tool in diagnosis of such conditions) by the cardiac anesthetist Dr Sunil Nanda.

  The mass was completely excised by opening up the left ventricle by putting the patient under cardiopulmonary bypass. The patient was weaned from ventilator within one hour of the surgery and was mobilized the very next day and did well in post operative period.

       Cardiac tumors are very rare prevalence ranges between 0.0017% and 0.28% and embolic accidents have been reported frequently, which can cause stroke or sudden death. Surgery is the treatment of choice for such conditions.

 The COO of Sapthagiri hospital Dr Ramesh Raju told us that the hospital has been catering to the needy population. Various types of complex cardiac surgeries have been performed from age groups ranging from Infants to octogenarians with various types of heart ailments and delivering high success rates.