Dr. Premalatha

Bangalore, April 6, 2016: Summer is here and the temperatures are unusually high for the Garden City. It is a time of summer vacations, picnics and endless dips in the pool. It is also a time when we tend to pay extra attention to caring for our hair and skin. In line with this demand, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic brought together doctors and specialists for a live demonstration of hair and skin therapies that can do wonders for damaged hair and skin, not only this summer season, but all through the year.

Doctors and specialists at the demonstration jointly opined that the most common complaints they receive during the summers are an increase in hair loss and excessive dandruff. Afflictions of the hair are closely followed up with those of skin, with dryness, flaky skin, excessive oiliness and dark tans being the most common.

Explaining the primary cause for these hair and skin ailments, Dr. Premalatha, Dermatologist at Hairline International says, “The UV rays of the sun not only give us that tan we seek, but also suck the moisture right out of our hair. After a certain point, the dryness results in the hair becoming brittle and frizzy. To beat the summer heat we indulge in swimming. We often tend to forget about protecting our hair and skin from the effects of chlorinated water when swimming”.

A common consensus among the doctors demonstrating treatments was the danger of over-moisturizing hair thanks to zealous oil massages. “The excessive use of oil can lead to a blockage of the sebaceous glands on the scalp. When combined with sweat that forms, this can lead to an increase in dandruff, elaborated Dr. Premalatha at Hairline International.

The doctors demonstrated two therapeutic options that they explained may be administered based on the condition of the patient’s scalp.

The first procedure shown was the Laser light therapy which is infrared radiation that improves the circulation of the scalp. The low level of radiation penetrates the scalp and works on the follicles of hair, encouraging good health. This helps retain hair and reduce hair loss. It also triggers cell activity, encouraging the growth of new hair.

The second treatment demonstrated was the Ozone therapy which improves circulation and provide good aeration to scalp reducing dandruff. Ozone is naturally present in our atmosphere and serves as a protective layer for the general health of humans. This ozone is extracted from the atmosphere and aerosolized for use in therapeutic forms. When used on hair, its high oxidising properties, release free oxygen radicals when it is injected into the scalp. This helps the occurrence of dandruff, hair fall as well as hair thinning and damage that may have been caused by excess exposure to the sun.

Added to these treatment methods, Dr. Premalatha also said that a cocktail of oils can be created and used on the scalp. This could be a mix of therapeutic and aromatic oils based on the particular hair affliction to be addressed.

Moving on to skin treatment procedures, Dr. Premalatha demonstrated the use of chemical peels which is chemical-based peels that helps remove damaged sun-affected skin. It also stimulates the growth of collagen improving the elasticity of skin. Based on the extent of damage to the skin, specialised de-pigmentation therapies and the use of medicated creams and Vitamin C serums to alleviate tan lines and marks were also recommended by this group of specialists.

These professional treatments and customized therapies are available for both men and women who are of 18 years and above.

Speaking on these demonstrations, Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic said, “The procedures demonstrated at Hairline was to primarily understand how these simple procedures can make a world of difference to the quality of hair and skin. The doctors today have demonstrated procedures that are easily within the reach of most people. Rejuvenating hair and skin after a summer break, or any time of the year is now an achievable prospect”.