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March 2016

FIITJEE’s GeneralAdmission Test to be heldon 3rd April, 2016

New Delhi, February, 2016: FIITJEEwill conductthe GeneralAdmission Test on 3rdAprilfor all students going toClass VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI and XIIand aspiring for success in JEE Advanced & Main, Olympiads, KVPY, XII Boards, NTSE & Jr. Science Olympiad.

Building a solid foundation of scientific and technical knowledge and thus to prepare competent and motivated engineers and scientists is the primary motto of FIITJEE. The General Admission Test on 3rd April is targeted to provide an early start advantage for students to get more time to adapt to the quantum jump in the level of difficulty with ease. Students will get sufficient time for self-study, doubt clearance and additional practice tests. With exposure to competitive exams at an Early stage, Best-in-class faculty and a comprehensive teaching methodology , students will be geared up for  JEE Advanced, JEE Main, Olympiads, KVPY, XII Board, NTSE, Jr. Science Olympiads,” says Mr. R L Trikha, Director, FIITJEE.

FIITJEE will also conductthe GeneralAdmission Test on the 27th March exclusively for students going to Class XII.The emphasis on One Year Classroom Programs will enable students to imbibe the fundamental concepts of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics  and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking process, making them capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts for a quantum jump in their performance in JEE (Main & Advanced).

“FIITJEE prepares students for JEE (Main & Advanced) in a Pattern Proof Mode. FIITJEE’s One Year exclusive Classroom Program for Class XII students enables them to excel not only in JEE (Main & Advanced) and other Engineering Entrance Exams but also in XII Board Exams. With weightage for Boards, FIITJEE programs are like an insurance policy to ensure you an optimum result,” says Mr. R L Trikha, Director, FIITJEE.

Registration Details:

Last Date to Register : 2 days before the Test (In Person / Online Mode)
By Post – One week before the Test Date
Registration Fee for Students registering for FIITJEE Test for the first time : Rs. 700/-
(Inclusive of Service Tax)
Registration Fee for Students who had registered for any FIITJEE Test in the past : Rs. 600/-
(Inclusive of Service Tax)

For online registration, log on to

water’Wear, Fold & Wrap: Maui Jim’s Latest Offering Is Its First Complete Fold up Sunglass ‘Still

Stillwater folded

March 2016: For style enthusiasts who love their accessories fashionable yet compact, Maui Jim’s latest offering ‘Stillwater’ promises to be highly irresistible! Leading polarized technology sunglasses maker Maui Jim has introduced its very first sunglass with a fold up frame design.

Stillwater is a beautiful light weight and highly versatile pair of sunglasses with characteristics unlike any other Maui Jim sunglass. It features a complete fold up frame for easy, portable use, with both the temples of the frame and the bridge having hinges that unfold the frame to its full size.

So, you can enjoy the lightweight comfort of Stillwater all through the day protecting your eyes against the glare and harmful UV radiation of the sun. And, when the sun goes, down fold up Stillwater into a small compact case that fits almost anywhere! So, there is nothing ‘still’ about this fold-up frame. Stillwater’s flexibility is contradictory to calm, tranquil waters.

“This is Maui Jim’s first complete fold up frame and we are excited to introduce it in the market. Often people do not like the hassle of carrying large and cumbersome sunglass cases that occupy a lot of space in bags and purses. Easily foldable and fit to be fitted in anywhere, this is an ideal style for such people. The convenience of the fold up frame paired with Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 technology give the wearer a sunglass an experience they have never seen before,” says Mr. I Rahumathullah, Managing Director, Maui Jim India.

The classic, rectangular-round design sunglass style is available in two color options in a matte finish: An Antique Pewter frame with Neutral Grey lenses; and an Antique Gold frame with HCL® Bronze lenses.

The 20% thinner and lighter than standard laminated glass lenses is perfect for long-wearing comfort, whether you’re driving or relying on them every day. Three rare earth elements ensure brilliance everywhere you look.

Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2® lenses wipe out 99.9 percent of glare, manage 95 percent of HEV and block 100 percent of harmful UV while boosting color to unmatched levels. Maui Jim’s optically correct, distortion-free lenses feature patented lens treatments or rare earth elements. So instead of dimming the light, color and clarity are enhanced using natural light.

All Maui Jim sunglasses have been recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. Proper UV protection is critical, as ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun plays a significant role in the development of skin cancer. About 86 percent of melanomas and 90 percent of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

Get Your Wardrobe Summer Ready With Monte Carlo’s New Indigo Collection


New Delhi, March 2016: With the summer season on the horizon, it is now time to pack up the sober warm fabrics and rejuvenate your wardrobe withlighter colors, brighter hues and gossamer dresses tailor made for warmer climes. Monte Carlo’s latest Indigo collection is perfect to begin your summer outing with.


Monte Carlo’s Indigo Collection offers a wide variety of clothing material in multiple blends of blue. The brand’s new collection covers an exquisite range of dress styles for both men and women, with every product exclusively designed keeping in mind the latest trends.

The collections features polo t-shirts, fluid dresses, palazzos, kurtis, crop tops, shrugs, t-shirts, shirts, trousers, lowers and tracksuits — perfect for the long hot weather ahead!


Monte Carlo – the premium clothing brand offers exquisite range of clothes that are highly desired by the fashion conscious people.

UrbanClap – India’s Largest Beauty Service Provider

UrbanClap LOGO

New Delhi , 29th March 2016 – Beauty services at home are increasing in popularity rapidly. UrbanClap, also known tobe one of  India’s  largest  services  marketplace,  happens  to  be the  biggest  player  in  this  vertical. Although  beauty services  which  include  beautician  at home,  party  makeup,  mehendi  artists and bridal make up account for 5% oftheir gross requests, UrbanClap is still the key player in this arena with 8000+ requests and generated business worthRs. 2.5 Cr alone in February. UrbanClap   offers  “at  home”  beauty  services  that  brings  high  end  salon  like  quality of professionals  and products  right to our customers’ doorstep.  Despite bringing  in only 5%  of UrbanClap’s requeststoday,  it is one of the fastest growing  verticals and expected  to reach 20% of total requests very soon.

The traditional salon industry is ripe for disruption. Beauticians working at these salons get only 15-20% of the billingsand as a result their monthly salary is only Rs. 15,000. The rest of the money is kept with by the salons for their“brand” and physical real estate. As a result of this, salon owners own fancy  cars and live in expensive  home  whilethe beauticians  struggle  to make ends meet. This model  traps  beauticians  in low  paying  jobs  and prevents  them from becoming  micro – entrepreneurs  because they can’t afford to buy their own kit (Rs. 35,000 -40,000) and spendon marketing to get new customers.

UrbanClap reverses this model by investing in training, providing ultra – portable kits  on affordable monthly installments and  by sending new customers  their way through   the UrbanClap platform and brand, thereby allowing them to workfor themselves. UrbanClap only keeps  15-20%  of the  billings,and gives  the  rest  back  to  the  beauticians,  increasing their earnings by more than double to Rs. 50,000 – 90,000

UrbanClap’s  match-making   algorithm   and  robust  backend   systems  ensure  that  once  a customer  places arequest, the nearest beauticians are notified depending  on their availability and services required  by the customer. With booking slots  starting  as soon at 120 minutes from request submission, this is a truly on – demand beautyservice.

One of our top makeup artists, Roopali Agrawal says, “a customer goes to UrbanClap looking for a makeup artist andspecifies certain criteria like budget, event, location, and date, and UrbanClap  sends them  responses,  within  a few hours. As service professionals,  I get  more business because I only get relevant leads and I can then choose to workbased on my convenience. UrbanClap allows me that flexibility.”

Speaking on the vast potential of this vertical, Abhiraj Bhal CEO, UrbanClap says, “Beauty is an integral part of ourbusiness which has the potential to generate $500 million in revenue for us down the line. The current focus is toaggressively increase service quality levels and push this category  to occupy  a 20% share of UrbanClap’s  total business. With margins between  15 –

25%  of the job  size, we want  to  double  down  our efforts  and create an empire  out  of this vertical.”

However,  right  now  it  is  a  very  crowded  space  and  as  the  largest  player  in  the  market, UrbanClap  is actively looking  at acquiring  a player in this industry.  Bhal continues, “We  are looking to acquire a company  in thebeauty services sector which can help UrbanClap boost presence in this segment. We are in talks with severalcompanies and assessing them based on quality of team and execution. This will be a strategic acquisition for us whichwill go a long way in helping UrbanClap realise its beauty services potential.”  By using the UrbanCl

Jewellery Giant WHP (WamanHariPethe) Jewellers forays the E-Commerce space with Your Online Jewellery Store!

Glimpse of your online jewellery store  @

Mumbai, March 6, 2016: WHP (WamanHariPethe)Jewellers forays into the E-Commerce space with Online Jewellery Store! Having its presence across 21 prime locations in Maharashtra, Goa and Indore, the customer database of WHP Jewellers is massive and presence on the e-commerce platform will now give the brand an opportunity to showcase its jewellery to the consumers across the globe. In today’s fast paced world, not everyone is able to visit their favourite jewellery store physically, but yet has the need to purchase authentic and eloquent jewellery from a trustworthy source. WHP Jewellers has recognized this consumer need and therefore has broad based its reach with its online store.

Known for pioneering aspirationaldesign trends in the industry, will offer a unique concept of online ‘Jewellery Boutique’ where an expert designer will help customers curate customized designs as per their needs. The aim is to offer bespoke designs and the customer will be a part of the entire journey of the piece’s creation right from sketching to selection of metals and stones that goes into the piece. Each design offered will be unique and exclusive.   will also thrive on unique features such as Restore, Customization and Try at Home. The site is consumer friendly and easy to navigate to provide an enhanced jewellery buying experience.

The website a vast ensemble of cost effective, signature designs in necklaces, earrings, nose-pins, bangles, bracelets, pendant sets, rings as well as coins/bullion in gold and silver. The online store will also showcase a breathtaking range of diamond jewellery and platinum love bands.The site has jewellery starting from Rs.1200 uptoRs. 8lacs and has a product for everyone.

Aditya Pethe, Director, WHP Jewellers

Mr. AdityaPethe, Director, WHP Jewellers, was quoted stating, “We at WHP Jewellers are a highly consumer centric brand and realized that E-Commerce will be the best way to certify an operational and proficient out-reach to our customers worldwide. We have been in and around the jewellery business for almost 107 years wherein we have garnered the reliance of millions. Our consumers recognize the style and quality of the jewellery, we design and create and, perhaps this will be an asset our online store holds dearest, thereby giving us that special edge over the other e-commerce jewellery portals. The E-commerce space will subsequently disintegrate the geographical as well as physical barriers, making our products available to every customer in the world with ease.”

The products are available for shipping in India and internationally and will be delivered in 5 to 12 working days. The site will also offer exclusive deals in the form of gift vouchers, discounts, promotional coupons etc for online customers.

Visit us @ – Your Online Jewellery Store!

Being Human Clothing wins ‘Indian Rising Star’award at the India Fashion Forum 2016

(L-R Mr Kunal Mehta (VP - Mkg and BD) and Mr Manish Mandhana (MD

March 16, 2016:At the recently concluded India Fashion Forum 2016,Being Human Clothing was presented with the ‘Images Most Admired Fashion Brand of the Year: Indian Rising Star’award. The award was received by Mr. Manish Mandhana, MD Mandhana Industries Ltd and Mr Kunal Mehta – VP Marketing and Business Development, Being Human Clothing. Launched in 2012, Being Human clothing was launched by Mandhana Industries Ltd,having aglobal license agreement with ‘Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation’ for designing, marketing and distributing ‘Being Human Clothing’ line. Where in royalties from the sale of the products support the education and healthcare initiatives of the Foundation.

India Fashion Forumrecognizes the achievements of India’s most successful retailers and brands across multiple categories which include business performance, customer experience, innovation and leadership, in the retail sector. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Manish Mandhana, MD – Mandhana IndustriesLtd said, “We are delighted to have received theIndian Rising Star award at the India Fashion Forum 2016. We are grateful to the India Fashion Forum jury who have recognized our achievements and have bestowed us this award. We are also grateful of our customers who have shown so much love towards the brand. Such awards give us the motivation to perform better and achieve far greater milestones for Being Human clothing.”

Mr. Kunal Mehta, VP Marketing and Business Development said,“In a span of one year, we have expandedour physical retail presence by 42.3% which has, in turn, resulted in a 26.9% increase in annual turnover.We have over 250 point-of-sales in India and more than 500 point-of-sales across the globe in a span of 4 years. Such awards drive us to work harder to achieve bigger targets to expand our reach and be innovative in our approach. Wedeeply thank the jury who has recognized us the Indian Rising Star.”

Since its inception Being Human clothing has won many accolades for its achievements. The brand was recognized as the Most Exciting Apparel Brand in Most Exciting Brand Study by Nielsen and won the Emerging Brand Award at National Awards for Marketing Excellence in the year 2015. In the preceding year, Being Human Clothing was awarded ‘Apparel Retailer of the Year’ at the Indian Retail Awards 2014 and Mandhana Industries Ltd. was awarded ‘Licensee of the Year’ for Being Human Clothing at the Star Retailer Awards 2014.

Under 4 years of inception, Being Human Clothing has made itself available in over 15 countries across Europe, Middle East, Nepal and India and with its online sales channel set up in Europe, India, Middle East, UK, USA and South Africa it delivers to every continent in the world. Being Human Clothing is also selling through more than 250 point-of-sales in India and over 500 Point-of-Sales worldwide. Along with this, Being Human will open its first exclusive store in Bordeaux, France in March 2016 and also launch at the Selfridges in London, Birmingham and Manchester as well as on its online channel with the brand’s AW16 Collection in July 2016.

Notion Press presents author Vijetha SN with the exciting debut novel ‘Strange Weather at the Ridge’

Strange Weather at the Ridge__Author Vijetha SN

Bangalore, March 29, 2016: Notion Press is elated to bring you an adventure that is sure to offer an intriguing experience. It is a tale that will keep you hooked and guessing. Titled “Strange Weather at the Ridge,” the book is penned by Vijetha SN and is published by Notion Press. The book is now available to readers all over the world. It will be launched in Bangalore on April 2, at the Atta Gallatta book-store cum-café between 3 and 4 p.m. The author Nandita Bose will be in conversation.

Photo_Author Vijetha SN

The author, Vijetha, has interestingly penned a fiction around curses and disappearances and has set the story during the times of revolt of 1857 and modern times. The story revolves around Captain Montogomery, a British soldier in India, who gets lost in a forest post the war and encounters a strange woman.

Several centuries later, the story again takes readers to the life of Professor Singh, who goes missing under strange circumstances. The task of enquiring about the missing professor is assigned to Sita and Aron. As they set out to find out the professor, the questions they ask lead them to bizarre consequences. The more they dig into the case, the more mysteries they unravel. Buried demons and unforgotten secrets emerge when they find an old journal, which supposedly holds clues to the professor’s disappearance.
What does the journal contain? What does it have to do with the Captain? Are there any such things as curses? How can the professor disappear into thin air? With elements of magic, love, and emotions woven beautifully into the book, Strange Weather at the Ridge is indeed an enthralling read.

Vijetha S. N, is a journalist who has written on a range of topics right from university politics, sensational legal issues and crime to what the debonair Delhiite should be wearing. She lived in Delhi for close to five years, an experience that changed her so completely that she could not but, write a book based in the Capital. This is her first literary effort.

Time to up your Style Quotient with Monte Carlo’s Spring Summer Collection’16

new 02

New Delhi,March, 2016: With chilly winds making way to a season of warmth and beautiful sunsets, it is time to shed your woolens and revamp your wardrobe to suit warmer climes. If you are looking to add some much needed color and vibrancy to your apparel collection, Monte Carlo’s Spring Summer Collection is here to fulfill your needs.

Monte Carlo’s SS’16 (Spring Summer’16) Collection offers perfect choices for the ideal summer wardrobe.

Monte Carlo – the premium clothing brand offers exquisite range of clothes which are highly desired by the fashion conscious people. Monte Carlo’s SS’16 collection features styles for both men and women, with each product exclusively designed as per the latest trends in a prism of rich, vivid colors.

The brand’s new collection is conspicuous for its fascinating colors, style and path breaking elegance. Summer blazers, shrugs with crochet detailing, denim shirts, polo t-shirts – with or w/o sleeves, digital print kurtis, crop tops, tees and shorts are some of the attractive clothes offered by Monte Carlo for women.  

The brand’s latest offerings include polo t-shirts, fluid dresses, palazzos, kurtis, crop tops, shrugs, t-shirts, Nehru jackets, shirts, trousers, lowers and tracksuits – perfect for the long hot weather ahead!

“The highlight of this season’s collection is the ‘Indigo’ range, which includes a wide variety of t-shirts, tops & shirts in indigo color, especially for those who have a perpetual love for this color!  Apart from this there is a huge addition to the Denim collection with the Royal Denim range prepared from imported Italian fabric that provides 360° comfort. Then there is HexaDenim range. As the name suggests it has six properties accumulated in one denim & last, but not the least, is the Aroma Denimrange which can stay fresh despite 8 washes”, says Ms. Monica Oswal, Executive Director, Monte Carlo.

new 9

The Men’s Collection SS-16 also includes striper polos in cotton and cotton blends with striper patterns, fashion polos with jacquards in different colors, stripers and solid textured polos. Bermudas, cotton polos, linen polos are some other products on offer. Monte Carlo has established a niche in the clothing market and is consistently climbing the stairs of popularity.

Non vegetarian food tops the chart on Holi: survey findings by foodpanda Chicken Tangdi won hearts on Holi


New Delhi, 29 March 2016: It is now evident that Indians enjoy North Indian and Mughlai dishes the most, while ordering food online. The findings were based on a survey conducted on Holi by foodpanda, a global online food delivery marketplace.

Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chandigarh,Mohali, Pune, Goa and Jaipur topped the charts with people ordering the most from these cities. Amongst these, Delhi topped the list with 25% order share, followed by Pune and Mumbai, with 15% and 13% order shares respectively. This clearly indicates that Holi still remains the festival of Northern India.

The average order value ranged between INR 400-500. The peak hours for orders were during the lunch and dinner time i.e. between 1- 3 pm and 8- 9 pm respectively.

Contrary to the cultural mind-set, people order more non-vegetarian food during this color festival.

Infact, smaller cities like Chandigarh and Mohali have grown and are ordering food online more than any other cities in India. Amongst the dishes,Butter Chicken has emerged as the favorite amongst people followed by Chicken Biryani, Chicken Tangdi and Tandoori Chicken.

The survey also indicated that the online orders increased three folds as compared to last year. Delhites ordered the most via the app, closely followed by Pune and Mumbai. New trend that surfaced this year was an increasing number of app orders coming from Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Nasik, Amritsar, Goa, Jalandhar, Varanasi, Siliguri. All the aforementioned cities witnessed more than 75% percent of orders via mobile app. On the other hand, tier 2 and 3 cities like Ajmer, Varanasi, Ranchi, Jabalpur, Bilaspur continue to order the most via desktop.

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