Bangalore, Tuesday 24th  March, 2016: While the country awaits the festival of colors, Trio students get right into the Holi spirit before the school wraps up for the year. The students came together at the school grounds to enjoy a splash of color with their friends and teachers, celebrating the spirit of the festival.


Holi is one of the much awaited festivals in the country. The scintillating colors marking the festival were, as usual, the highlight of the day. It is the festival that transcends differences, forges friendships and leaves lasting memories. This is what the students of Trio basked in as they splashed colors and spread smiles across the school.


Students from across ages and grades jovially attacked each other with bright colors until their frames immersed in the glory of the hues. As the teachers joined in the fun, the day took a more exciting turn making it a truly memorable Holi for the entire school. 


As vacations approach, students bagged a cartload of memories to cherish and new friendships to come back to, as the school reopens for the next academic year.