Happiness Expert Neha Arora Nicholas, Makes Bangaloreans Oh So Happy!

Bangalore, March 20th,2016 : Happiness is not simply the result of a fortunate spin of the genetic roulette wheel, nor is it, something that can be sought or acquired. But Happiness can be learnt!


‘Oh, So Happy! Beginnings’a Neuroscience and Musical based Happiness Workshop held by Neha Arora Nicholas, India’s leading Happiness Expert, saw people from all over Bangalore gather together to learn neuroscience techniques and step-by-step exercises to begin their journey to everlasting Happiness.


Held at Rangasthala, Rangoli Metro Art Center, M G Road on the World Happiness Day,it was not a regular workshop. It was an exciting sing-a-long musical workshop brimming with joy, where the participants sang, danced, laughed, made merry and took back life changing neuroscience lessons and techniques to be Happy.


They learnt formulas to permanently increase their average levels of happiness; lifelong skills to remain cool under stress; neuroscience techniques to create a positively happy mindset; strategies to be more fulfilled in life and methods to free their happy chemicals to flood their bodies with happy hormones. Nothing short of a magic spell!


Expressing her excitement over the workshop, Neha Arora Nicholas says “We all want to be Happy. But for so many of us, happiness is just a fleeting emotion rather than a permanent state of being. That’s because we don’t know  ‘How’ to be Happy. That is why I have made it my personal and professional mission to teach the one subject we never learnt – Happiness!! And being here today, able to share some of my knowledge with so many people, gives me immense Joy!”