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March, 2016, Bangalore: PEPS Industries Pvt Ltd., India’s leading spring mattress manufacturing company sponsored the 7th edition of Contours Women’s Day Run, to celebrate the achievements of women on  International Women’s Day. Contours, which is an international chain of fitness studios dedicated to women, organized this non competitive event in which approximately 3000 participants ran with the commitment towards adopting a healthier lifestyle. Contours Women’s Day Run took place at The Embassy office park, Bangalore and saw participation from many leading corporate houses which included Fidelity Finance, KPMG and Sasken


 Peps promise a healthier and fit lifestyle as an aftereffect of a great sleep. Peps’ new positioning, #LiveThePepsLifereflects on the commitment of Peps towards changing the lifestyle of its consumers. Peps connotesan energized and recharged life every day. “Pep’s association with Contours is based on creating awareness about the synergy between adequate rest and exercises which will help people lead a fit and energized life.


Speaking on this occasion, Mr. K Madhvan, Managing Director,   said “More and more women are taking up jobs to meet with their demanding financial needs. This make their lives more stressed. They keep their health on back-burner while maintaining a home-work balance. Therefore, it is important to remind them of the importance of leading a fit and healthy lifestyle by adopting few healthy practices. For them, the importance of good sleep is multifold for leading an energized and recharged life every day. With this understanding, we are pleased to partner with Contours for spreading awareness of an energized and healthy life amongst women on International Women’s Day.”

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Speaking on this occasion, Mr. G. Shankar Ram, Joint Managing Director, Peps Industries said “Since for the Women’s Day run , the participants require a lot of energy, a great sleep on Pep’s mattress will help them to get recharged and energized, thereby rejuvenating them for the run and other physical activities.”The Women’s Day Run needs a lot of energy for participants in the morning and a great sleeps on Peps mattress rejuvenate, energized and recharge them for this run and other different physical activities. Keeping this synergy of sleep and energy we have joined Contour Women’s Day Run.”

The fund raised through this event will also support Shristi Special Academy, which in collaboration with Special Olympic Bharat, is grooming persons with disability for the Special Olympics.