She is a mix of bravery and compassion, a vessel of love that has no boundaries and has truly defined herself as one of the leading heroines in the world of Hindi Cinema.The actress shared few excerpts from her personal life on 92.7 BIG FM Kuch Panne Zindagi Ke with host Madhurima Nigam.


When asked about the story behind her adoption, Raveena Tandon says, One cannot define love and put it under labels. I was still young and at the peak of my stardom when i decided to adopt my two daughters, who were not getting the life they deserve.What sets apart the story of this adoption from others is the age gap between us. Just 10 years apart,we are like 2 peas in a pod and share a special bond. They call me bua but our relationship leans more towards a bond of friendship than a mother-daughter relationship. As they say, ‘’Like mother like daughter’’,my adopted daughters have brought up my own kids like doting mothers and share the same values and bond that I shared with them.Its like a complete cycle of unconditional love.

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