FXBIS the partner NGO team has identified 5 needy, interested women to join the agarbatti collective enterprise after consulting the village key people and series of briefing meetings have been organized with the shortlisted women about the activity, expected returns, commitment required etc. to finalize the most appropriate,  committed participants.

A suitable premise was hired for production, perfuming and packing of Agarbatti products. The team has procured machinery from Orissa, raw materials from Bangalore and packing materials from SivakashiTamilnadu. A simple system for procurement of materials is established with all the vendors. FXBIS has facilitated intensive training to the women for 6 days by an external trainer and an expert trainer from the FXBIS team has provided continuous inputs to the women during the productio

Team has explored the local Agarbatti market including neighboring districts and identified potential buyers of raw Agarbatti as well as perfumed Agarbatti. Currently each woman is producing about 10 to 15KGs of Agarbatti every day. The raw Agarbatti buyers are coming to the production unit to buy the product. The perfumed and packed Agarbatti is sold in the retail market through a sales executive and currently Suraksha Agarbatti is sold in 300 retail shops in 5 Mandals of East Godawari District.

Suraksha Agarbatti unit has 3 types of products in the market i.e.

  1. Single perfumed sticks small Box
  2. Single perfumed sticks big box
  3. All 3 types of perfumed sticks box.

How many lives have we impacted – Direct & Indirect

Suraksha Agarbatti making unit was started in March 2015 with 5 women as direct beneficiaries for making agarbatti. Later two more women joined due to product demand increased in the market. Presently total 7 women are engaged in production and packing on regular basis


Volume of business generated – earnings and impacts

Total no of 7 women are involved in production and packing and each of them is earning average of Rs.1500 per month towards their wages plus profits of average Rs.1200/- per head per month. Now the unit’s production is reaching the optimum per month. The Suraksha Agarbatti has achieved highest placement in the market in very short time and the feedback from the users is very encouraging. The unit will be able to reach its break even soon and there is lot of scope for expanding the business and number of women beneficiaries.

The unit has surely increased the confidence and dignity of women engaged. No they are able to spend their own earning for their children nutrition and education needs.