Ms. Geetha Kannan - MD - ABI India 2016

Women empowerment is at the heart of several institutional and government efforts, and yet the large gender gap exists. This disparity will never end, unless we include equality in our thinking. Let’s be mindful that we are talking about parity of opportunities, actions and life choices here (and not about natural events such as child birth, which really is not an excuse for the inequality that exists!).  If everyone starts thinking of women as equals, then why should the World Economic Forum have to estimate that it will take another 118 years before women can expect equal pay? There is no scientific rationale for differentiating the technology innovation done by woman versus men, unless we want to think that way. If we get our thoughts right, we could go on to see a tremendous increase in the economic and social development of India. Let’s each one of us make a personal commitment to start thinking of women as equals. The choice is ours!”