Wrangler, the American Outdoor denim brand is back with itsnationwide search for True Wanderers 5.0.The new breed of Wanderer could be an Explorer, an Artist, a Foodie, a Humanitarian, or a Musician. All you bikers with a zeal for adventure put on your knapsack as its time to be rewarded for your passion.

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After four successful seasons of Wrangler True Wanderer powered byxBhp, Wrangler True Wanderer 5.0campaignspills out from the stores, on to the streets in search for its True Wanderer 5.0. Entriesin the form of previous biking blogs or pictures or tweets via Twitterwill be accepted onhttp://wrangler-ap.com/in/signup?Starting7thMarch 2016. The entries will be judgedby a panel of biking experts and tenshortlisted riders will be offered a week longall-expense paidtrip their Passion.

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With the wind in their face and passion in their hearts the bikerswill havelittle to worry about while taking on the ride as Wrangler will style them in Ride Ready apparel. As they ride, they willshare their experiences through photos, videos and blog about the day’s events and upload their road trip experiences onhttp://wrangler-ap.com/in/.

Based on the quality of content generated by each rider, votes received and blogsvalidated by a panel of biking experts, a winner will be selected and gifted a Triumph Street Twin Bike. All ten Finalists will win exciting goodies and will feature in Wrangler advertorials. To know more about the event, log on tohttp://wrangler-ap.com/in/