Educational Toy Store is being opened, where teaching and learning materials will be explained and displayed, at #731, 16th Main, 38th Cross, 4th T Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru on 27th February, 2016 at 10 A.M.

They have toys and equipments from all ranges as well as for all ages, starting at materials like building blocks, large blocks, Transportation toys, clirnbing equipment, Tricycies, wagons, Big wheels, and so forth. To name a few more there are woodworking equipment and materials ranging from child-size hammers, workbench, vise, screwdrivers, scrap lumber for developing Gross Motor skills, where as for Fine-Motor Play there is Clay, Puzzles, Art supplies (finger and water paints, brushes, markers, crayons, scissors, etc.), Beads for stringing, construction materials (small blocks, Lincoln Logs, etc.)The visual feat of toys ranging from the latest to once hand crafted Montessori materials, all enlarge upon and add detailto learning.

To develop Language and Literacy there is a huge range of Books, stpry ca.rds, Thematic props (teddy bears for “Goldilocks,” puppets, etc.) where as Materials for water play (buckets, squirt guns, sieves, etc.), Simple board games, simple to complex flash cards and’ games, Materials tor science experiments (balance scales, eye droppers, anirnal cagei aquariums, terrariums, etc.) ,Objects from nature (leaves, b[rd,s nest.. feathers.. etc’) for cognitive Play. where as for socio Dramatic Play/ Role play Dolls and stuffed animals, props for dramatic play (hats, necktibs, chitd stethoscope, eyeglasses with lenses, etc.) Apart from the mathematical and science and experimental materials there is a wide range of CDs, DVDs and a complete range of books for beginners and proficient little readers to make a beautifully inviting Library beside books tor a”..r,”ri ,o use as text and reference

There are equipments, toys, and furniture’s galore for both the outdoor and lndoor. lt is a shop which will pi’or”!de each and sr,reffihixg one may wish for and need for a chiid at irome anci most ciefiriiteiy for a school. They cater to all kinds of schools which may choose to be purely Montessori, play way, Kindergarten, Reggio Emila methodology or a derived onE.

Providing enhanced materials to help the teachers and school become a wonderland for any child. A place where a child wishes never to grow out of. A unit which helps mould the child’s life and strengthens his/her personality making happy, sensitive and responsible toddlers and above all strong gtoUai citizens. The materials are all such that they help develop a child’s concentration, eye hand co ordination, catering to the differ:ent levels and kinds of impressionable and differently able children with individual needs. Usage of materials only help the child to settle in and role model real life adult experiences , developing gross and fine motor skills such that chitd develops readiness to learn through the pre writing .nO pr” ,”ur’O’r* materials. ln a world which is ever evolving with the accessibility to unlimited gadgets both at schools and at home, there is no replacement of the real hands on experience, No child should ever be deprived of a vast Variety of tools to further improve the quality, value, or extent of learning

A onetime investment in purchasing tools and such mediums of learning only makes the school a moi.e desired unit. Desired by parents, teachers and most bythe stripling.