Creamy Fujian Chicken

Bangalore, 11th February:  Wangs Kitchen, the city’s well known Chinese restaurant  is ready to kick-start the celebrations of Chinese New Year 2016 – The year of the monkey, by offering mouth watering dishes  until 21st of February. The menu showcases the best dishes from five Chinese provinces -Hunan, Sichuan, Guangdong (Cantonese), Fujian & Shandong.

The chefs of Wangs Kitchen will prepare dishes packed with flavour for one and all to savour. The special menu consists of dishes from Guangdong province such asTon Ton Canton Mein -Soft soggy noodles cooked with minced chicken and topped with crushed peanuts, Shanghai Crispy Chicken -A special Shanghai street Shandong style delicacy topped with chef-special sweet & sour star anise sauce etc . The Fujian province menu includes Chicken Red Sky Soup – A traditional Fujian soup with sliced chicken and shitake mushroom and served with golden fried onion and cubes of bread, Creamy Fujian -Butter Pepper Sauce crispy fried and served with Sweet creamy Fujian sauce fish  etc. One can enjoy  Chilli Lemon Fish Ball Soup-Lemon flavoured clear soup with fish balls and spicy Hunan seasoning, Black Bean Chilli Noodles- Soft noodles stir fried and flavoured with black beans and chilli Chicken Hunan styled sauce etc from the Hunan Province. The menu also features  dishes such as  Shandong Surprise -Celery and wine flavoured medium spiced served with scrambled eggs and fish, Royal Jinan -Namprik sauce cooked in coconut milk Paneer and many more of the Shandong province . One can experience Baby corn Garden Soup – Creamy thick soup with dash of fresh Sichuan peppercorns, Sichuan Pabo Noodles – Soft noodles served with peanut in ginger flavoured Chicken from the Sichuan province.

Prawn in Cantonese pepper & pineapple  sauce

One can relish an array of authentic Chinese delicacies at Wangs Kitchen on the occasion of Chinese New Year. An average meal for two would cost Rs.600 For reservations and more information contact: 3925 3925