The hospital has so far trained more than 11,000 persons in Bangalore in the emergency procedure that can help save the lives of hundreds of cardiac arrest patients

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Bengaluru, January 28th, 2015: With a majority of sudden cardiac deaths happening outside hospitals, knowing how to give CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) can make the difference between life and death during such an emergency. Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore has set out a mission to empower Bangaloreans in saving hearts by training them in CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) to reduce casualties, promote timely treatment, and be an effective first responder in a medical emergency.

On the Silver jubilee year of Fortis Cunningham Road, Fortis has initiated a unique programme to train lay people in Bangalore in CPR and as many as 11,000 Bengalureans have already received free training.  

CPR is an emergency procedure performed in an effort to manually preserve brain function, restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person who has suffered cardiac arrest.  The main symptoms of cardiac arrest in an adult or a child are unconsciousness and breathlessness. The earlier the CPR is given, the greater the chances of their survival.

Knowledge of CPR is limited in our country, despite the fact that 65 per cent of cardiac emergencies occur at home. To support the cause, Fortis Hospitals started the ‘Fortis Heart Savers,’ a CSR initiative to disseminate information on heart emergencies and the CPR training is part of this campaign.  Participants learn CPR techniques and get valuable information on heart health and cardiac emergencies, and this in turn has helped in creating responsible citizens.

 “We are indeed glad to see an overwhelming response for our initiative on CPR training.  Students, IT professionals, bankers, public servants and many others showed keen interest in the initiative. It is our privilege that we have been able to mend over two million hearts and this milestone has been possible because of the best medical team and management. The CPR training is our way of giving back to society,” said Dr. Manish Mattoo, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospitals, Cunningham Road.

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The training programme witnessed active participation from people both young and old, across the city. Corporate and government offices,  police commissioner’s office, CBI, colleges including Mount Carmel College, Christ, Jain college, RV college and IT firms including TCS were few of the participants in this initiative.

“The CPR training programme has evoked quite a positive response from people in different parts of the city. The life threatening situation could happen to anyone – our friends, relatives or even strangers. Though it sounds really simple, a CPR procedure has a definite set of rules and process to follow. Hence, practical training is required to understand the procedure thoroughly. We are elated that the objective of the campaign is met. This is just the beginning and we will continue to put in our best efforts to educate and impart knowledge to the public on such imperative health procedures,” said Dr. Vivek Jawali, Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences, Fortis Hospitals, Bengaluru.